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Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 15

Here it is guys. Sorry for the long wait.
In this chapter, Mike and the Prof have their first encounter after their fight. I'll save the rest for when you read it. 

Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 15
Cosmic Charlie -
After Mike left the house on, the night of the big fight, I felt like I was going to throw up. Mike and I had had fights before. It's not like we were living in some picture perfect world, but our fights had always been about relatively trivial things. We argued, and then we made up.

This fight was worse. I realized that when I went back into my bedroom and picked up the European basketball brochures. We had fought about something that was real and that struck to the core of problems that were present in our relationship.

Mike wanted to live his own life, and I already had a life. My career was something that I had worked hard for and if I asked him to be with me, not just for now but for forever, I was basically asking himself to limit his dreams to fit the life that I had already constructed. This might not be much to ask of someone my own age, but it was a lot to ask of a guy who was on the verge of graduating from college. Mike had things he wanted to do, and he worried that our relationship was threatening them.

Still, I was angry with him, and I didn't make any effort to go after him. The spot on my shoulder where he had shoved me hurt, and it reminded me of how mad he had gotten. I didn't call him, and I didn't drive into town after him.

When I went to bed that night, I believed that this fight would just be a bump in the road - that we would start texting the next day and move on. Instead, when I got to the end of my driveway, I found a box of my stuff and the house key in my mailbox. Apparently after leaving, Mike had gone to his house, picked up all my stuff, and drove it out to my house in the country.

He was really pissed off.

I responded by filling a box with his stuff and dropping it off at his best friend's apartment. When he asked what it was, I just said, "Mike's stuff." John looked at me and grimaced. "Jesus." he said. "Is this for real?"

"I think so." I said.

"You ok?" he asked.

"No." I said. I tried to hold back tears. It wouldn't be right for me to lay it all onto Mike's friend. I didn't want to get him involved with both sides. I turned and walked away down the hallway.

And that was how it went, for four weeks, we didn't talk to each other, call each other, or try to get in touch with each other It was like each of us vanished from the other person's life.

Then, one night I went into town to buy a pack of cigarettes. I had started to smoke again after we broke up. I was walking out of the smoke shop when I saw Mike leaving a campus bar with a bunch of his friends. My first thought was a kind of pride. Pride in how good he looked and how popular he was. He was surrounded by a cadre of athletes and other beautiful people. My heart surged, then it shrank when I remembered that he he wasn't with me anymore. I turned to duck back into the store, but Mike caught sight of me before I could.

I swear I saw him smile at me before he grimaced and turned away. I swear that his first thought when he saw me was how happy he was that I was around.

But he walked away with his friends and the entourage of women that followed them. I swear that he was standing taller and acting brasher because I was watching. His voice, suddenly loud, could be hear above the voices of his friends.

When I got back to the house I decided that I had to do something about my growing depression and obsession with Mike. Thinking like a man, I figured that some rebound sex was in order.

The next evening I drove to the nearest major city, which was about an hour away. Hoping to get lucky, I got a hotel room, and then went out to some of the gay bars.

I was still young enough and hot enough to get some interest, but my skills at picking guys up were sadly out of practice. Eventually a good-looking guy, older than me, came my way. He had dark hair and a full beard. He was wearing a checked shirt that was tucked in. He gave off a good vibe of confident sexuality and the security that comes with a steady paycheck.

"You look like you're new here. Is this your first time?" he asked.

"No, man. It's just been a while. I gave up this scene a while ago." I said.

"Why the change of heart?" he asked.

"I'm back on the market." I hesitated as I thought about whether I wanted to make a move. "I'm looking for some fun."

We did the familiar hooking up dance for the next twenty minutes or so before we took off for my hotel room. When we got inside of the room, the man immediately moved to start kissing me. My gut lurched as I felt his  mouth on mine, and I pushed him away.

"No kissing." I said, "Sorry."

"Bad break-up, huh?" he said.

"I just wanna get off." I said. In my mind I was thinking, 'I just wanna get this over with. Someone has to be the first guy after Mike.'

We touched each other through our clothes for a while. He had a hard body under his shirt and I started to get into feeling him up. However, every time I let my mind drift, I thought about Mike's body. Sometimes I thought about how his body was better and other times I just thought about how his body was different. I unbuttoned the guy's shirt and ran my fingers through his chest hair. He eventually took his shirt off.

My body was doing all the right things but my mind was in a different place. I could tell that the guy had noticed that I wasn't too into the hook-up. He started to unbutton my pants, and then he reached in and grabbed my cock.

"Nice." he said as he started to fondle me.

My gut lurched again. I didn't like this. None of it was right. I pulled away.

"I'm sorry, man." I said. "I don't think I can do this."

He reached out and pulled at the fly of my jeans. "I can help you forget about your guy."

I pulled back again. "No. Sorry. I can't,." I said. I looked up and smiled a little.

He frowned and then glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "No problem, there still time for me to find someone." he said as he put his shirt back on. He reached out and grabbed my shoulder. "If you're this into the guy, you should try to get him back."

" I think you're right." I said as I buttoned up my pants.

I went down to the front desk and checked out. The whole thing was stupid, It was all a stupid attempt to make what I had with Mike into a part of my past. The truth was, I didn't want it to be a part of my past. What Mike and I had was real, and it was worth trying to save.

I drove back to my house that night and arrived at about half-past two. I walked into my garage and flipped the lights on. When I did, I noticed Mike, asleep (well passed out) against my back door. My dog Gunnar was curled up next to him, and he had the dog's blanket pulled over himself. There was a pile of beer bottles, taken from my stash, next to him.

Fuck. I had come back to town to do something about my relationship to Mike, but I didn't expect to have to deal with him that night.

I shook Mike awake. When he came too it took him a few seconds to figure out where he was. When he saw me, his eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry." he said. He wasn't quite crying, but he was close.

"Let's get inside." I said.

I took him into the house. When I got him into the light, I saw that he was in rough shape. Not only was he really drunk, but his clothes were a little torn and he had scratches and bruises on his face.

"What the hell happened to you?" I said as I touched his face.

"Some guy was giving me shit about dumping you. I was drunk and I got into a fight." he said. "At the bar. I got into a fight and then, I just wanted to see you."

He was still pretty drunk. It freaked me out that he drove to my house like that. I walked him into the master bath and helped him to take off his clothes. As I pulled off his shirt, I saw that Mike had not so much gotten into a fight as he had gotten his ass kicked. There were bruises across his ribs and marks on his back.

"You're pretty fucked up Mike." I said.

He grinned at me. "I'm a lover not a fighter."

I helped him into the shower. He cleaned himself up and then toweled off. Everything was really mechanical. I had been thinking about Mike's naked body for weeks and now that he was in front of me I didn't have any sexual feeling at all.

I walked him to my spare bedroom. Mike practically dropped into the bed. He lay there and then looked up at me. "Are you going to sleep here too?" he asked.

"No." I said.

"I just, really wanted to see you." he said. "You should sleep here."

"Not like this, Mike." I said. "I'll see you in the morning."

I flipped off the light and went back to my room. When I closed the door, I locked it.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
I woke up late the next morning. I heard the thundering sounds of ESPN coming from my living room and was pleased that Mike hadn't taken off before we had gotten a chance to talk.

I was shocked by how bad he looked. His face was white from his hang-over and scratched up from the fight.

"You look like shit." I said.

Mike sort of growled back and then laid down on my couch. I brought him a glass of water and some aspirin. I knew that a sick or wounded Mike was like a cornered lion. I gave him some space and spent the morning working in my office. Around noon I heard him fumbling around in the kitchen so I went back out.

He looked better. Not 100% but better than he was when I woke up. He was busy cooking eggs, which were one of his main food groups. Mike was able to take down four or five for breakfast most days. He cooked enough for both of us and brought the food to the kitchen table. I said nothing while he shoveled food into his mouth.

When he was finished he looked up at me. "Listen, I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have come out here." he said. He dropped his plate into the sink and washed it. "I need to get going. I've got a study group this afternoon."

"So are we just going to go back to where we were? Silence?" I stood up. "We've gotta talk about this, Mike."

He walked over to me and kissed me briefly. "I love you. But I don't know what there is to talk about." he paused. "I still don't know how this can work. I don't know what I want, Clint. How do I figure anything out when I don't know what I want?"

He slumped into the dining room chair. "I know what I want, Mike. I want you back in my life. The last month has been the worst month of my life." I said. He flashed me a look that told me he felt the same way. "We can figure it out together. You don't have to do it alone."

"That's what my dad said." he said.

"You talked to your dad about this?" Mike's dad was a little weirded out by our relationship. I couldn't imagine him having this kind of talk with his son.

"Who else? He told me that I should have talked to you from the beginning." Mike said.

"We can figure it out together." I pushed my foot across the floor and touched his big, bare, foot. "I've wanted to call you so many times."

Mike didn't pull his foot away. Instead, he curled his toes in between mine. "You gotta come after me when I run away like that. It's what I do, I'm a runner."

I stood up and walked behind him. I leaned in and kissed the top of his head. He smelled like sleep and soap from the shower last night. "I'm not going to let you go again." I said.

"So, are we back together?" he asked.

"I'm in if you're in." I said. Then, "This feels too easy."

Mike stood up and kissed me on the mouth. It started as a pretty tender kiss but then his tongue shot into my mouth and started to explore. We necked in my dining room for about five minutes, driving our hard cocks against each other's bodies as we made out. I grabbed onto Mike's dick and started to pull on it.

"Careful," he said, "I haven't cum since our fight."

"Why not?" I said.

"I was waiting for the right guy to feed it to I guess." he said. "You want it?"

"Mmm . . ." I mumbled into Mike's hard shoulder.

His mouth moved over my ear and then to the base of my neck. He bit down hard. As I gasped, he groaned, "I don't know, I'm still kind of mad at you."

"Yeah?" I said. "Is it going to be one of those days?"

Mike reached down and pulled his balls out of the leg of his briefs. Mike had big, low hanging balls. He used to keep them shaved, but over the past few weeks the hair had come back in a big way. Mike put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to the floor.

"Get your mouth on my jock nuts, Prof" he said.

I fell to my knees and took his nuts into my mouth. His hands were instantly on the back of my head, and he started to pull my face against his body. His cock rubbed over my eyes, and my nose was planted right at the base of his dick. He kept pushing in until I fell backward against a cabinet. Mike ground his junk into my face, pulling and playing with my hair as I licked his big balls.

"Fuck yeah," Mike said. "I love having you between my legs. You want the whole thing?" He pulled my face out of his crotch.

"Yeah, Mike, I want it." I said.

"Too bad, Prof. You're not going to get it. Not yet anyway." He said. He turned around and pulled down his briefs He leaned over the counter and shoved his muscular ass toward me. His cheeks opened up and I saw his tight hole.

I crawled a few feet toward him on my hands and knees and planted my mouth on his hole. I sucked his pink pucker as he pushed back against me.

"Get in there Prof. Eat my ass good." He moaned.

I circled my tongue around his hole before diving in. As I pushed into him his ass clamped down on my tongue and his cheeks pressed against my face. Even though he had showered the night before, his ass had a nice musky smell. I groaned and tongued him for the next few minutes. Mike finally pulled me out and let me get some air.

He turned around and looked down at me. "Nice job, man." Mike leaned over me and drooled some spit onto my face. Then he grabbed my chin and forced my mouth open. He spit again, this time into my mouth. "You're such a pig, Prof. When you drank that squirt of my piss, it got me so hot. One of these days, without warning, I'm going to give you a full load. You want that?"

I was barely listening. Mike's big dick, the head peaking through the thick foreskin and drooling,hung in front of me. I didn't just love Mike, I also wanted him. I loved his body, muscles, dick, ass, so much.

Mike slapped me lightly. "Nice cock, huh? Get a good look cause I'm going to fuck you hard."

Mike pulled me to my feet and then dropped down in front of me. He launched himself against my crotch and started to bite, suck, and chew my dick through my boxers. The bites bordered on playful. Then he turned me around and started to bite at my ass cheeks. Just when I thought he was going to pull down my pants and rim me good, he stood back up.

He raised his arm and pushed my face into his pit. Mike's strong head mashed my mouth against his skin. "Get in there babe. Clean up my pit."

I ran my tongue through his thick pit hair. He locked my skull under his arms and then started to twist me around. Mike was taking control and dominating me. No matter how equal things became in our actual relationship, he was asserting the fact that he was in charge in the bedroom.

"I bet you didn't know what to do with yourself when I wasn't around. You need a jock like me to help you get off." he said.

Mike released me and pushed me against the counter. He twisted me around quickly and this time he yanked down my shorts. He planted his hands on my cheeks and spread me open.

"Fuck yeah, Prof. That's a fine ass." he said. He took a quick lick. "It's my dick's favorite place."

He went back to rimming me. It was a sloppy, wet rim job. I had a feeling that Mike was going to take me raw and hard. He kept spitting on my hole and then pushing it into my ass with his finger. As he chewed my man-hole, his fingers slid up the front of my body. He started to twist my nipples, harder and harder. I moaned as Mike worked me over. Every so often his mouth would move away from my hole and he would bite my ass cheek.

Then Mike stood up. He walked over to the cabinet next to my stove. He grabbed some Crisco out of the cabinet and slathered a dob on his dick. He just grinned at me.

I said, "Old school?"

Mike walked over to me. His dick was now shiny and slick. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, Prof. You better brace yourself."

He grabbed onto my hips and pushed toward my asshole. The Crisco was crazy slick and he slid into me with almost no resistance. As soon as he got the head in, he lunged forward and pushed the rest of his dick in. I felt like I was going to throw up as his dick gut punched me from inside. It took me a few seconds to get used to him - his first strike was that quick.

Mike started to fuck me hard, as promised. Each thrust lifted me up off the ground. Within a minute, Mike was sweating profusely. All the beer from the night before was leaching out of his skin and he smelt awesome. His breath was at the side of my face, but he never bother to kiss me. All of his strength was going into pounding my ass.

"Fuck yeah. This is how I like it. I missed fucking your ass the last few weeks, Prof." Mike groaned into my ear. "You're such a good fucking lay."

He started to lick the back of my ear, knowing that it drove me crazy. I wanted to grab onto my cock and jerk off, but I needed my hands to brace myself against the counter top Mike was slobbering all over the side of my face and  tried to twist my body back so that I could make out with him.

He kissed me quick and then pulled out of me. His dick was shiny and white with lube. His strong hand gripped my shoulder and he pushed me to the floor. I went down to my knees.

Mike shoved me face down onto the floor and spread out on top of me. His hand fumbled between our bodies as he directed his cock back into my ass. Mike rested his body weight against mine and then started to drive his cock in and out of me. The whole time, he moaned and hissed a little bit. I imagined that he had a little bit of a hangover and was fucking his way through a headache.

"Fuck, babe. You've got me so hot." Mike groaned.

"Drill me Mike." I said.

Mike picked up the pace. He gripped onto my hips hard enough to leave bruises and started to pound the fuck out of my ass. It hurt but it also felt amazing. I've always appreciated a little bit of pain mixed in with my sex. Mike fucked for a few minutes before he slowed down again. He was tiring out.

His thrusts became slow and long. He shoved into me for another two minutes, sweating and breathing on me. Then he pulled out again and flipped me over. Mike's blue eyes were shining like I had never seen them before. His hair was messy and his body glimmered with sweat. He looked like a man who had spent the last ten minutes fucking at full speed.

He guided his dick back into me. I ran my fingers over his face, letting my index finger drift over his lips.

"You're so beautiful, Mike." I whispered.

Mike leaned down so that his face was right over me. He kissed me quick on my lips and then dragged his tongue over my face. He sucked my ear lobe for a few seconds before he whispered back. "You're the only one for me. I'll do whatever it takes to be with you."

I gripped his ass with my legs and pulled myself onto his cock. I could feel all ten inches pulsing inside of me.

"Shoot your load up in me, Mike. Fuck your cum into my ass." I said.

Mike groaned and shook his head slightly. A grin came across his face. "I want to paint your face." he said as he pulled out. He quickly moved over me and rested his nuts on my face. "Work my nuts, Prof."

I sucked on his balls. They were sweaty and slimy from all the fucking. I sniffed and licked, while eagerly anticipating his load. After about thirty seconds, Mike pulled his nuts out of my mouth and aimed his cock at my face. His piss-slit flared and cum started to pour out.

I have seen Mike shoot some serious loads, but this was easily the biggest cum-shot I've ever scene any man create. Mike groaned like he was about to give birth and then let loose a river of spooge. The first few blasts came out without any interruption. Cum ran down my forehead and through my hair. As it kept coming, Mike moved his dick around, trying to coat every inch of my face. Throughout, he yelled loudly as the hot liquid splattered across my skin.

I stuck out my tongue and licked up the cum that had pooled between my lips. I sucked it in and savored Mike's taste. Gobs of the semen were running down the side of my face and onto my neck.

Mike let out a breath and then started to laugh as he looked at the load he had shot.

"Jesus fuck that was good." he cursed.

Mike's hand brushed over my face and scooped up some of the cum that was running down my jaw line. Then I felt his iron grip on my cock, which he quickly lubed up with his own load. His other hand slipped over my face and started to rub his sperm into my skin. He wasn't making an effort to feed his cum to me, but I was able to lick a lot of it off his fingers and palms.

I bucked upward into Mike's fist.

"Cum for me," he coached.

It didn't take me long before I felt my orgasm building. I tried to hold off, but the pressure of Mike's hand coupled with the cum he was working across my face brought me over the edge in seconds.

I groaned loudly as I came. Mike shoved his cummy fingers into my open mouth and I licked his load up while my own load blasted from my cock. My cum was watery from all the play, but there was a lot of it. I shot all over my furry stomach and Mike's fist.

All I could think while I shot was how right it felt to be doing this with Mike. He was the guy for me. Whatever happened, I had to make this work.

When my cock stopped jumping, Mike let me go. He collapsed onto the linoleum next to me. His chest heaved. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked up some of my cum. Then he leaned over and started to kiss me. It was a wet kiss. Mike licked up the remainders of his load from around my mouth and my tongue dove into his to try to get a taste of my own cum. We made out for about five minutes until we both realized that we were cold from laying naked on the kitchen floor.

"You wanna take this into the bedroom." I asked.

Mike looked up at the clock. "I really have to go." he said.

Something about him leaving at that moment really got to me. In a rare display of emotion, my eyes teared up.

"Hey," Mike said, "I'll come right back. Ok? I'll stay here tonight."

"I missed you so much." I said.

"I know," Mike said as he stood up. "I missed you too."

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    1. lol. Thanks a lot. I'm trying to mix the romance with some heavy eroticism. I'm glad it's working.

  4. truly is a pleasure to read your stories .. BRAVO!

  5. Thank you for your excellent writing and doing so much of it... I'd love to see a bit of bondage and discipline inserted into the storyline (heavy eroticism). After all, Mike is clearly a rough dominant authoritarian in the more sensual parts of the relationship, and Clint clearly needs to be submissive. Clint, on a weekend afternoon, naked and on his knees, hands bound behind his back with one of his professor ties, ordered to worship every inch of Mike's magnificent jock stud body, toes to pits. Mike using his hands on Clint’s hair to guide him and his big beautiful jock feet to stimulate Clint while he watches sports on TV with all the enthusiasm the basketball star usually musters. Heavy eroticism mixed with all the appropriate elements.