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Pucked, Part 13

Just sent the final chapter of Pucked to Nifty. It's been fun writing this one. I tried to keep the sex hot and a little nasty all the way to the end. Hope you like it.

Pucked, Part 13
Cosmic Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Last time: Tony dominated Ben and got him to unlock Luke's cock-cage. Now free to date who he wanted, Luke left Ben with Tony and took off with Will.

Will and I walked out of the athletics complex. We both had big smiles on our faces. I suddenly felt very free. My cock was free. I could reach down and grab it. Even better, Will could reach down and grab it. But on top of that, I had somehow broken free of the spell that Ben had cast over me. I call it a spell, because Ben never forced me to do anything. But while I was around him, his persona was captivating, and I didn't feel that I had the ability to resist him.

Tony's take down of Ben showed me what Ben really was. Despite all of his talk about him being straight and me being a fag, Ben was just as much of a cock-hound as I was. He could pretend to fuck a lot of chicks, hell, maybe he did fuck a lot of chicks, but he liked dick. I don't know if that made him gay and closeted, or whatever, but it certainly made him a lot closer to bi than he would ever admit.

I thought about him being fucked by Tony. Tony, of course, was just as good at casting a spell over a cocksucker as Ben was. Now that Ben was under Tony's spell, I could only imagine the sorts of things that Tony would make him do. Tony wasn't all that different than Ben, except that Tony was a decent guy while Ben was pretty much an asshole.

In the end, I didn't regret what had happened. Ben was good for me for a while. When I told him that it wasn't working for me any more, he reacted by basically muscling me into having sex with him. It was time for our relationship to be severed. If the only way that Ben could understand that was to have his ass filled with Tony's monstrous cock, then that was the way things had to be.

Will and I jumped into his car. "You want to go get something to eat?" he asked. I said yes. We both laughed at the fact that we were going to end our bizarre sexcapade by going to get some food at the local family restaurant.

Both of us sat down and ordered some food. After a few minutes, Will's phone buzzed. He passed me his phone. There was a picture of Ben licking an asshole, probably Tony's unless the evening had taken another bizarre turn. Throughout the night, more pictures would come. Ben with his lips wrapped around Tony's cock. Ben with a rope of cum dripping across the bridge of his nose. Ben covered in Tony's piss. Finally, late at night when Will and I were going to bed, Ben holding a note that said, "Thanks Luke, for letting Tony make me his bitch."

That was all still ahead of us. Will and I ate our food and talked. We didn't talk about the way things had played out, but just shot the shit in general. Despite my very strong feelings for Will, it occurred to me that I didn't know much about him. About half-way into our conversation, Will said, "You know, this is sort of our first real date."

I nodded and we both laughed. We were sitting in a chain restaurant. It was a pretty low-quality first date.

"The first of many?" he asked.

"I hope so." I said.

After we ate, we got back into Will's car and drove back to his apartment. Tony was still off fucking around with Ben in the locker-room and God knows where else. Things had gotten pretty flirty during the ride back to the house. As soon as the door closed behind us, Will pushed me up against the wall.

He kissed me quickly, really just a peck on the lips, and then pulled away. I gazed into his eyes and studied his face for a few seconds. He was so fucking cute. He pushed back in for another kiss. This time he didn't pull away. As we made out his hands traced their way up my body until he was massaging the back of my neck. My tongue invaded his mouth. We breathed against each other and pressed every available inch of our bodies into one another.

Will grabbed my hair and started to run his fingers along my skull. Occasionally he pulled a little. I knew that dominating me turned him on. Finally, he grabbed onto my hair and pulled my head back. His mouth moved down to my Adams apple and he started to lick, kiss, and lightly bite at my neck. I rubbed my dick into his thigh as he worked me over.

We made out like this for at least five minutes. When Will finally pulled away, he grabbed onto my hand and dragged me into his bedroom. He pushed me down onto the bed and again started to make out with me. His muscular body straddled me as he pushed his face against mine.

My favorite thing in the world, honestly, is getting into a guy's bed for the first time. There's something about the slept in smell that fucking drives me wild. While Will and I sucked face, I focused on the smell of his bed. It was a smell that I was getting more and more familiar with, and I thought about how it would change and become familiar after I started sleeping in his bed.

Will leaned up and took off his shirt. His perfect chest was a sight to behold. As I gazed at his body, I felt so fucking lucky to be with him. I bent upward and started to make out with one of his nipples.

Immediately Will's hand was on the back of my head, rubbing my face into his chest. It was like he couldn’t help it. He had a need to stay in control through the whole experience.

"Suck my nips, Luke. Fucking make me feel good," he groaned.

I sucked on his left nipple until it was rock hard and then moved to the right. After a while I bit down a little bit to try to keep things interesting.

"Oh . . . " Will moaned. "You want to play?"

Will pushed me back down onto the bed. He pressed his groin into mine and ground against me a little bit. Then he pulled my shirt up over my head. He mimicked my actions, working over each of my nipples. But when he bit down, it wasn't a gentle nip. I groaned as the pain shot across my chest. I also bucked my hard dick against his body.

Will grabbed both of my hands and pressed them down against the mattress above my body. He started to lick toward my armpits. Every so often, he would bite down and suck hard on my skin. I knew that his 'love nips' would leave marks all over my upper body. I squirmed on the bed. My dick was so hard, and I'm sure there was a big wet spot on the front of my shorts.

Will jumped forward and pressed his crotch into my face. He grabbed onto the back of my head and started to hump against my face. I love the feeling of being pressed up against a guy like this. I really can't get enough of it. I chewed on his dick through the fabric, not being gentle but actually putting some pressure on his hard cock.

"Fuck yeah, man." Will groaned.

He reached down and pulled his cock out of his pants. Without saying anything, he slipped it into my mouth with a thrust. As I sucked on him, he pulled my hair. Eventually, when his cock slipped out of my mouth, he pushed me into his pubes. I licked and gently nipped at his skin, trying to treat him like he had treated me.

Will reached down and pulled his shorts off. His nuts hung right over my face. Then he kneeled over me and turned around. His cock smacked my face, and I licked the top few inches as Will undid my fly. I couldn't remember the last time that a man had really gone for my junk. Since being with Ben I had pretty much forgotten all about the fact that other dudes might be interested in my cock.

Will's fingers snaked through my pubes and then wrapped around my dick. Before I knew what was going on, he started to suck me.

My immediate response was to buck up into his mouth. Will gagged a little and pulled off. As he leaned upward, his asshole came into reach of my tongue. I darted toward it and Will's whole body shuddered.

"Oh god, man. Lick my asshole." Will said. He sat down on my face with his whole weight. My face was smothered in his sweaty crack. As I licked away, I sniffed and huffed his musky backside. Will continued to grind against me and moan.

"That's so good," he said, "You're making my ass feel so good man."

He worked my cock with his hands, and I fucked into his fists as I rimmed him. After darting around the edges of his hole for a few minutes, I finally shoved my tongue inside of him.

"Ugh," Will moaned, "Get up in there, Luke. Fuck me with your tongue."

I fucking made out with his asshole like it was the last hole on earth. As I did, I felt something cold and wet on my dick. I had no idea what was going on. It wasn't until Will started to jack me off that I realized he had slathered my dick with lube.

In a flash Will pivoted. He grabbed my dick with one hand and slid his ass down over it. Fireworks went off in my brain as I felt his tight, hot ass slide over my cock. He dropped himself all the way down and it within thirty seconds of putting the lube on he was sitting on my lap with my dick up his ass. His tight ring of muscle gripped the root of my dick.

"Fuck yeah," Will moaned. "I knew you wouldn't want to fuck me,so I had to do it myself."

I was speechless. His spasming muscular ass was doing amazing things to my cock. Will placed both of his hands on my shoulders and started to ride me. I didn't have to do any of the thrusting at all.

"God that's good." I said, "Your ass is so tight."

As I leaned back and moaned, Will spit into my mouth and on my face.

"Don't get used to this, babe." Will said, "I just thought you might want to know what bottom sluts like you miss out on."

His fingers drifted down to my nipples and he twisted hard. Between his ass grabbing at my cock and the pain and dirty talk, I was moments away from cumming. Will rode me mercilessly. He wanted me to cum inside of him. He was literally trying to fuck the cum out of me. I didn't know what to do. I'd never been so completely used, especially not while fucking a guy. Every time I tried to take control by putting my hands on Will's hips or thrusting up against him, he would retaliate by pinning my shoulders down or slamming his ass into my pelvis. Eventually I just gave up and let him ride me and use me like a sex toy.

"Fuck your dick feels good inside of me." Will groaned. "Are you going to cum for me. You gonna shoot your load inside of me?"

I was moments away from cumming. I couldn't help it. I thrust up against him and moaned that I was close. Will put both palms down on my chest and started to seriously ride my cock. Within seconds my load was pulsing out of my dick. I was cumming like I'd never cum before. Every blast sent a shock up my spine and my whole body would twist and buck. Will slipped his mouth over mine while I came. He kissed me full on the lips as I breathed into his mouth.

When I finally calmed down, Will slid his ass off of my cock. He turned around on top of me and bent down. He shoved his ass into my face. "Fucking eat your load out of my ass, babe." Will said.

His asshole was shiny with my cum and some lube. I trickle of bubbly white semen was dripping out. Without much thought I licked up the cum and then really started to tongue Will's hole. The taste of my own cum coupled with the sweaty smell of his ass was fucking fantastic. Slowly, Will pushed more of my load into my mouth.

At the same time, Will started to lick at my cock, sucking my cum slime and his own ass juices off of me. My dick was still really sensitive from my recent orgasm. When Will first started to suck, he just sort of nibbled at the head, but then he started to really suck hard and twirl his tongue around the tip. I bucked and twisted from the agony, pulling my face away from his ass in the process. Will just kept sucking. He held my body tight between his muscular legs and pinned down my legs with his arms.

"You think you gotta another load for me?" he said before returning to my cock.

"Fucking cut it out, man." I whined. "Fuck that hurts."

Will jumped off of me. When he looked down he had a twisted look in his eyes. "I want you to come again, so you better get ready." he said.

He grabbed my cock again and started to jack me off. This time I pulled away. Will grabbed my legs at the knees and pulled them apart. His long cock, curved a little upward, jutted out from between his legs. Above it was the mass of dark pubic hair that was always a little wild and never perfectly shaped.

"You better get yourself off before I cum." Will said. He lined his dick up with my ass. There was no lube on his cock, and I was preparing for a rough entry.

"Or what?" I said.

Will looked puzzled for a minute. Then he leaned in and kissed me. It was a rough kiss. It started soft and tender, but ended with him chewing a little on my lip. "I didn't think that far ahead, but you won't like what happens."

I smiled at him and then reached down for my cock. Surprisingly, it was already a little hard. At least now I could jerk off  without feeling like my crotch was on fire.

Will pushed into me. For a minute, it felt like I was going to split into two. Will's dick just didn't want to go in. Then almost all at once, something gave way and he slid into me. Being impaled by a big dick is enough to make anyone freak out. The flash of pain that shot through me caused me to jump backward. Will grabbed onto my shoulders and held me against him.

"Fuck yeah, baby. I like that. Do you like it?" Will said.

As if to make it clear that I was supposed to say yes, he thrust hard into me. "Yeah." I grunted through the pain.

Will grinned and then drooled some spit onto the remaining couple inches of his shaft. He pushed the rest of his dick in, which slid into me much easier than the first half. When Will's pubes were scratching against my balls, he leaned over me and collapsed onto my body.

His arms wrapped around my upped body and his head pressed against my neck. Will humped me, hard but slowly. He pulled my body against his and pushed his cock deeper into my ass. As I got used to the dry fuck and the spit started to spread out some, I started to get hard again.

I squeezed my hand between our two bodies and started to pull at my dick. Will felt it and bit down hard on my shoulder before pulling away. I was so thankful that I didn't have to get undressed in a locker-room like he did, because my upper body was going to be seriously marked up from all of Will's biting that night. When he let go of my flesh he moved away from me so that I had better access to my cock.

"You think you can cum before I do?" he asked. "I bet you can't."

"It's not a fair fight." I said.

"It's not a fair fight," Will said back in a mocking tone. "You sound like a little girl."  He reached down and grabbed my dick. He squeezed it a few times before letting it go.

"You ready?" he said. "One . . . two . . .three . . . go!"

Will started to piston in and out of my asshole at top speed. It was seriously one of the hardest, fastest fucks I have ever been subjected to. Initially, my hand fell away from my cock when Will started to fuck me. Will reached down and grabbed my dick again. "You're not going to win that way." he said. He started to furiously jerk my dick.

He took his hand away and grabbed onto me around my ribs. He used my body as leverage as he pummeled my aching asshole. I tried to keep my ass down, to make it harder for him to keep up his rhythm. Every so often, Will needed to reach down and pull me back up. The bed squeaked and creaked underneath us. I wished that Tony was around to hear us having fun.

In the mean time, I started to jerk myself off. I had an advantage that Will didn't have. I really, really, like to get fucked. Every thrust into my ass, though still a little painful, brought me a little closer to orgasm. Will was unknowingly sealing his own fate. The more he fucked me the more likely it was that I would cum. If he had thought of it, he would have figured out that if he wanted to cum before me, he would have to pull out and jack off, preferably in a place where I couldn't watch him.

I jerked on my dick. Our eyes locked. It wasn't a sexy or romantic eye gazing. In his eyes burned the fire of competition, and I knew that he saw the same in mine. I couldn't help but wonder if this is what our future would be. A loving, romantic relationship tinged with competition, dominance, and submission.

"I'm getting close, baby." Will said, "You better come soon."

I grunted a little bit. I was completely on the edge, but I didn't want him to know. About thirty seconds later, I was ready to blow.

I taunted, "You there yet big boy?"

Will grunted. "So close."

I felt my dick swell and my asshole contract. "Too bad . . ." I groaned. Then yelled as my dick exploded, "You lose."

My second load of cum was liquidy and splattered all over Will's glistening abs. Will continued to fuck my ass, but yelled out, "Fuck." his face showed that he was honestly pissed off. He pulled up some phlegm and spit down onto my face. "I can't believe you beat me.

I laid back and allowed my pride to fill me while I concentrated on the feeling of Will's dick driving in and out of me. The smell of my cum, sharp and chlorine like, was now in the air.

Finally, Will let out a gasp and started to cum. He pulled out of me and jerked his cock over my genitals. His hot cum poured out of his dick. It didn't go far but there was a ton of it. My pubes and dick were covered with the thick, white, spooge as Will panted above me.

Will grabbed onto me and hugged me tight. He rolled me onto my side and we started to make out. We sucked face for the next ten minutes with our legs entwined and a sweaty, cummy mess sliding around between us. His warm body, his muscles, pressed against me and I relaxed against him. When he finally released me, he turned and laid on his back.

"What are you thinking?" I asked.

"I was thinking that we should do something normal." he said.

"Normal?" I said back. I didn't know what he was talking about.

"This whole thing. You and Ben, Tony, all the fucking guys you sucked and got fucked by . . . don't think I don't know what a slut you were . . . it's kind of fucked up. We should do something more normal." he said.

I liked the idea. "Let's see a movie tomorrow." I said.

"It's a date." said Will.


Thanks for reading the story guys. I've had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks to everyone who emailed me with comments, ideas, or just to tell me they were getting off reading it.

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  1. Really enjoyed this last chapter, glad Luke found a dom/sub relationship he'll be happy in along with the probability of the two of them submitting to Tony in the future.

    If you're stuck for stories to write in the future it would be great for you to revisit this and more specifically what has been going on in Ben's mind throughout all of this.

  2. Really enjoyed Pucked to the end. I'd love to see a future story/series about what happens to Tony and Ben!