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Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 16

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Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 16
Cosmic Charlie -

In the weeks after our fight and subsequent reunion my relationship with Mike resumed its normal rhythms and cadences, but with an increased sense of commitment. Up until then, we had assumed that we would be together for a long time, but we had never actually talked about it. We had never sat down and really said that we wanted to spend our lives together. Once it became clear that we both did want that, our relationship deepened in a lot of ways. On top of the regular hook-ups on the few nights when Mike could get away from practice and homework, we made an effort to spend more time together. It was now normal for him to come by my office for lunch and to stop in before he left campus for the day.

We were having lunch one day when Mike pulled a printed sheet of paper out of his backpack. It was a job listing at the university for a graduate assistant coach for the women's basketball team.

"What do you think?" Mike said.

"You'd make a good coach. Is that something you want to do?"  I asked.

"Don't really know," Mike said between bites of his sandwich. "I never really thought about going to grad school."

"They'd pay for it." I said.

"It's a chance to stay in athletics." he added. "I think I'm going to apply."

I checked myself before going into full on professor mode. Then said, "Mike, this is due in like two weeks. You need to apply to the graduate school and then to the job. You need letters of rec, transcripts, and a bunch of other things. You got to get going."

"I'm on it." he said. He flashed me a smile that was supposed to get me to trust him, but I was still suspicious. 'What? I'm a motivated guy. I'll get it done."

Mike finished his sandwich, then said, "By the way, my best friend from high-school is driving through town this Sunday. We'll probably shoot some hoops in the morning, but I want him to meet you in the afternoon."

"One of your arrogant jock buddies?" I asked. I liked a few of Mike's friends, but a lot of them were too much for me. No matter how old I got, it seemed like the jocks and the nerds still didn't mix too well.

"You'll like him. He's a good dude." Mike said. "Hot too." he added before he left.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *     *      *     *
I spend most of Saturday morning helping Mike out with the application to graduate school and the coaching job. I then went to his game that night. On Sunday morning, Mike left my house to meet his friend in town. He came back to the house around two.

Mike walked in through the back door and his friend, named Walker, followed. Mike casually introduced me. I reached out and shook the guy's hand. He had a firm grip, and he made eye-contact with me. I was impressed.

Walker was about as tall as Mike, but much slimmer and narrower. He was wearing a wife-beater, so I could tell that he had some muscles on him, but he wasn't nearly as built up as Mike or even me. He had short blond hair that was buzzed high and tight. His shoulders and upper arms were covered with tattoos. His eyes were dark, almost black. I understood what Mike meant when he said that Walker wasn't like his other buddies. This guy wasn't a college jock. He was just a regular, good-looking dude.

Mike walked to the kitchen to get them both water and a beer. I smelled the basketball court on them as they walked past me. Not just sweat, but the scent of the polished floor and the rubber from the ball. It always blew my mind how that smell stuck with Mike for hours after a game.

We all sat down in the dining room and started to shoot the shit. Walker, which was apparently his last name, turned out to be a really nice guy. He was totally comfortable around Mike and I and commented that he'd been waiting a while to meet me. Eventually the conversation came around to Mike and Walker's past together and how they became friends.

"We went to school together since we were kids, but we didn't get to be friends until we were in tenth grade." Mike said.

"We met in the locker-room" Walker said. He flashed Mike a quick smile that I wasn't supposed to pick up on.

"Hang on," I said suddenly remembering something Mike had once told me, "You're the first guy that Mike fooled around with. He told me about that."

A while back, Mike told me that his first sexual encounter had been in the locker-room when he was in tenth grade. He ended up alone with a guy he'd known for years and ended up sucking his cock.

Walker laughed, "That was me."

It suddenly made sense to me why they were so close, almost like brothers. Walker was probably the first guy who Mike came out to and his best friend as he figured his sexuality and all that stuff out. That's a bond that isn't easy to break.

"We played around all through high-school. A lot of dick was sucked." Mike said.

"If I remember right, you did most of the sucking," Walker shot back. He turned to me. "I wanted Mike to be my boyfriend, but he was just using me for my dick."

"I don't remember hearing you complain." Mike said.

Walker turned to me. "I was the luckiest sixteen year old homo in the world. I was basically a nobody, just some guy on the tennis team, and then all of the sudden I'm spending four nights a week getting pounded by a three sport athlete. Mike was a cock hound back then. He loved burying his face between my legs."

"Don't get any ideas." he said, reading my mind. "It was a phase, and I quickly got over it."

"Are you still saving your ass for that 'special someone', Mike?" Walker asked.

I jumped in. "I've gotten a few swings at it."

"No kidding? A dick like his is a waste if he's not using it." Walker said, "He's a pretty awesome fuck, isn't he?"

"The best," I said.

"The Prof's not bad either. He likes it when I get rough with him." Mike said.

"Oh yeah?" Walker said. He raised an eyebrow, and I blushed. There was a glint in his eyes. I figured out where all this was going about half a second too late.

Mike reached toward me with his massive hand and pulled me back into his body. It was one of those moments when Mike completely overwhelms me with his strength, and I couldn't do anything but play along. My face was against his damp pit in a second, and he pushed my skull into his body.

"C'mon Prof. Show him." Mike said.

I was a little embarrassed, but I wasn't going to give up a chance to lick fresh sweat out of Mike's pit. I kissed the inside of Mike's arm, but didn't totally pig out. We had company over, after all, and there was a line that I wasn't sure I wanted to cross.

"Hot and sweaty sex is kind of our thing." Mike said to Walker.

Walker smiled at me. I looked down and saw the lump in the front of his basketball shorts. He wanted some too. "Let's go watch the end of the basketball game." Mike said.

We walked into my living room and sat down. Mike swung his long legs up into my lap. "My dogs are killing me, Prof. You wanna help me out?" he asked.

I unlaced his size 13s and pulled them off. Dampness rose from his hot feet as I peeled off his socks. I couldn't help but wonder what Mike was up to. Was this beginning of some sex scene that he was trying to make happen or was he simply trying to assert himself over me - dominate me - in the presence of a guy who used to drill his ass?

I rubbed his feet for at least five minutes. Mike and Walker talked about the basketball game, occasionally including me in the conversation as if nothing strange was happening. The bulge in Mike's shorts, a thick rod that slid down his inner thigh, gave his plans away. At some point he was going to want to get off. Once hard, Mike didn't like going soft again without blowing a load.

"I bet Walker wouldn't say no to a good rub down, Prof." Mike said.

He pulled his feet away, and it was clear what he expected me to do. I got down on the floor and started to take Walker's shoes off. His feet were smaller, but still at least a size 12. There was also a much stronger foot odor coming from his socks. Mike was constantly buying new shoes, but Walker had been wearing this pair for a while.

I worked my hands over Walker's bony feet while Mike and him kept talking. I was now in a clearly subservient position. There was no question where this was going to go. Walker and Mike both had hard ons. Mike's still slid down the side of his shorts, but Walker's was standing straight up like a tent pole in front of him.

Mike slipped a hand under Walker's waistband and freed his cock. It was long and thin. His pubes were cut short and his balls were pulled tight against his body.

Walker pushed Mike away, "Dude, isn't your boyfriend going to mind?"

"Not if he gets to play too." Mike said. He looked down at me and grinned.

I looked up at Walker and nodded to show that I was game. Walker let go of Mike's hand, and Mike grabbed onto his cock. Mike bent down and slowly licked the head of Walker's cock before kissing his way down the shaft and across Walker's balls.

Mike looked up at his best friend, "You still taste like you did when you were sixteen."

"Why did we stop doing this?" Walker asked as Mike engulfed his cock. Mike sucked him hard for a few seconds before letting the dick slide out of his mouth.

"You got a boyfriend who wanted to be monogamous." Mike said.

"My mistake," Walker hissed as Mike started to suck him again. Mike slid the guy's shorts down as he worked over his shaft. When I looked up at him, he had a glint in his eye that was a clear invitation to join him.

I moved up between Walker's strong, thin legs and took his nuts into my mouth. His body shuddered when I made contact. The feeling of having two mouths on your junk really is twice as good. I sucked on his balls for a while and then moved lower into his taint. The guy smelled good - all sweat and man-musk. I couldn't help but imagine a sixteen year old Mike in my position, letting himself get shoved around and fucked by a guy like Walker.

Mike pulled my head out of Walker's nuts and kissed me hard on the lips. Walker noticed.

"That's like the hottest fucking thing ever. Make out for me." he said.

Mike and I sucked face for the next few minutes. It started with some open mouth kissing, but moved into necking and biting. Walker stared at us while our tongues explored each other's mouths and faces. His hard cock stood straight up and had a trail of precum dripping down the side.

Walker pulled my head up to his dick. I took it into my mouth. With the other hand he grabbed Mike's collar and pulled him back onto the couch. His hand trailed over Mike's crotch. Mike didn't need to be asked. He pulled his shorts and boxer briefs down quickly and let his big dick slap against his flat stomach.

Walker grabbed onto Mike's ten inch monster and gently jerked him off. Mike's thick foreskin, slick with precum and sweat, slid back and forth over the head.

"Fuck," Walker moaned as I felt his dick throb in my mouth. "I forgot how big your dick is. A dick like this is one in a million."

Walker licked across the head of Mike's dick. I could tell by the look on his face that he liked the way it tasted. Then he slipped the head into his mouth. Mike put a hand on the back of Walker's head, but Walker pushed it way from him. Mike was frustrated. When he got this hard and horny he just wanted to fuck. Walker wasn't giving him a chance to really let go and dump his load in a dude's throat.

We kept up like this for a few minutes before Mike stood up. He pulled Walker to his feet, and they both took their shirts off. They were so different. Mike was furry across his chest and built up through the arms and core. Walker was thin and covered with tattoos across one of his pecs.

Mike cupped the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock. I took it into my mouth, and he almost instantly shoved forward into the back of my throat. He slid back out of my throat and then pulled Walker toward me. I took the second cock into my mouth and felt my cheeks slide open. Both guys were leaking some serious precum, and the salty-sweet liquid poured across my tongue. It was awesome.

"Fuck, dude," Walker moaned, "I love the feeling of your cock up against mine."

"Yeah?" Mike said. He was breathing heavily. I knew that he was holding back. "We should have done this in high-school man. Me and you. We could have fucked our way through the school's gay population."

"You remember Nick Johnson? That guy was hot. I had a huge crush on him." Walker said. "I would have liked to fuck him."

Both guys were sliding their dicks in and out of my mouth. I did my best to keep them happy, and they seemed fine with letting me do what I wanted to without interrupting me.

"I totally fucked him the summer after my first year of college. He's kinky as fuck." Mike said. He pulled his dick out of my mouth because he needed a break. It slid across my forehead as I kept going down on Walker. "He had me put a dog collar on him."

"No shit?" Walker asked.

"You gotta go to college man. For the sex if nothing else." Mike said.

"I'm doing ok. I make good money, and I'm not hurting for sex." Walker said as he turned his eyes down toward me. He thrust his dick into my throat as if to emphasize the point. "Still, Nick Johnson . . ."

Mike looked down at me and then pulled Walker's dick out of my mouth. "Nick was a wide receiver on our football team. He was a beast. He looked like I look now when he was 15. Walker was a total fag when it came to Nick."

"Shut the fuck up." Walker said. He quickly pushed me away from his cock. He then gripped Mike's skull and shoulders and started to push Mike downward toward his junk. About six inches away from Walker's cock Mike resisted so that Walker wasn't able to get him any closer. Mike looked up at Walker.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm stronger than you." Mike said with a big smile.

"Just suck my cock." Walker shot back.

I stood up in order to stretch out. Walker ran his hands over my chest. I had a lot of chest hair, but kept it trimmed so that I didn't get the chest-afro look. In a vain effort to keep up with Mike, I'd been working my upper body quite a bit lately. I was starting to get some nice definition.

"Fucking nice," Walker hissed. He gripped one of my nipples and twisted it. I winced. "You're kind of a stud for a history professor." he said.

"Thanks," I said.

"Why don't you get down there and lick your man's ass." he said.

I got back on the floor and moved behind Mike. His perfectly shaped ass was spread open wide - two solid muscular mounds with his tight hole in between. I started to kiss his asshole, pushing my tongue into him and twisting it around. His body shook. I felt him getting off on my rim job, and I reached between his legs and grabbed his cock. I slowly milked him, pulling his cock down and then letting it slap back against his stomach.

"Get his hole good and wet." Walker said. He pulled his dick out of Mike's mouth and slapped Mike against the side of his face with his meat. "What do you say, Mike. You want my dick inside your ass?"

Mike's body tensed up. "Sorry man," he said, "There's some things I don't share."

"Come on, are you really going to keep me out when I let you at the first ass you ever fucked?" Walker said.

Mike raised himself up on his knees, emphasizing his size. "I've got like 30 pounds of muscle on you. You should be glad I'm not trying to fuck your ass."

"Whatever man." Walker pushed Mike back onto his dick, and I went back to eating Mike's ass. We did that for a few minutes before Mike straightened up again. He grabbed his dick and slapped it against his hand.

"You ready to get fucked." Mike said as he turned to me.

I nodded.

Mike jumped up and ran to the bathroom to grab some lube. When he came back he squirted some into his hand and then rubbed it into my dick. He tossed the bottle to Walker.

"Walker, you take Clint's ass and he can take mine." Mike said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Walker wants to see me get fucked and he wants to fuck. This is the only way to work it out." Mike said. "Just be gentle, cause you know I'm going to get my revenge later."

Mike lay down on the floor and spread his legs wide open. His big dick was still hard. I knew from experience that when Mike was in the mood to get fucked, he got really turned on by it. His dick was leaking onto his abs. Walker snuck up behind me and pushed me down against Mike. As I lined my dick up with Mike's ass, Walker shoved his cock into me. I groaned a little from the sudden penetration, but recovered and pushed my way into Mike.

Mike's face contorted into a mix of pain and pleasure. He was trying to relax and accommodate my dick, but he was also enjoying the feelings of pressure, pain, and of getting stretched open. I felt exactly what he felt, because they were the same feelings that I was getting from Walker's dick.

Walker groaned loudly and then started to pound my ass. The intensity of the fucking was augmented because I would pull out of Mike just as Walker was shoving into me. I love getting fucked, and I also love fucking. The feelings of pleasure were insane, and I knew that I wasn't going to last very long.

Suddenly Walker's hand was on the back of my head. He pushed my face toward Mike's "Come on, make out for me lovers." he said with a laugh.

I shoved my dick all the way into Mike and then locked my lips over his. We sloppily kissed each other and breathed into each other's mouths. I forgot all about Walker as I made out with Mike. My mind was preoccupied with the feeling of Mike's hot breath on my cheek.

Mike pulled away. "You gonna cum inside of me stud?" he panted. "Fucking give me your load."

He didn't have to ask. I was moments away from cumming and just a few short thrusts into Mike's ass totally got me off. I felt my body tense up and my asshole clamp down on Walker's dick as pulse after pulse of semen shot into Mike's gut. I buried my face in his chest as I came, letting his hands move across my back and ass.

When I finished, I notice that Mike's dick was still hard and untouched. I pulled away from him but he grabbed onto my ass. "Jerk me off while you're still inside of me."

I grabbed onto Mike's cock and started to pull on it. Mike usually jerked himself off with an iron grip, and I couldn't come close to grabbing him the way he grabbed himself. Unsatisfied, he wrapped his hand around mine and squeezed his dick through my fist. It was an intensely erotic experience, and I looked into his eyes as he jerked himself off with my hand.

Walker pulled his dick out of my ass. Within seconds he was jerking his cock over Mike's face. Mike pulled his neck away, saying, "Hell no."

Walker grabbed onto Mike's chin and held him steady against the floor. "No fucking way you're denying me this." he said. His dick throbbed and a rope of dense, white cum spurted across Mike's chin. Five more ropes shot across Mike's face before Walker finally finished.

Walker bent down and pushed some of the cum into Mike's mouth. He got real close and said, "C'mon. Don't tell me you don't love that taste."

Mike's free arm shot over and grabbed Walker by the skull. "Fucking get it off of me." Mike said as he pressed Walker's mouth into his own load. Walker started to lick it up. Mike looked down at me and smiled. "I'm always the boss." he said.

I moved my mouth to the head of his cock and licked it. I never took my eyes off of Mike. About thirty seconds later, just as Walker was finishing cleaning Mike up, Mike groaned and started to cum into my mouth. I lapped up his load, letting it spill down over his hand. His cum oozed out in a thick stream, and he thrust his hips up as his body spasmed.

"Fuck." he groaned loudly after he was finished. Mike's body relaxed againt the floor. I got up onto the couch and leaned back. My asshole was sore from the pounding Walker had given me. I could only imagine how Mike, who got fucked once every few months, was feeling.

"I want a relationship like this." Walker said as he stood up.

"It's hard work." Mike said. He started laughing. "You gotta work at these things. That's what my dad said."

"I'm glad you're a hard worker, Mike." I said, grinning.

"I've got a feeling that three ways on the living room floor weren't what he was talking about." Mike let out a deep groan. "I'm fucking exhausted. Someone carry me to the tub please."

I helplessly looked over at Walker. Neither of us was strong enough to move Mike. Eventually Mike stood up, towered over us for a minute, then tossed Walker his underwear. "This was fun, man. We should get together more often."

Mike pulled Walker off the couch. He gave him a hug and then said, "Sorry  I made you eat your own cum."

"It's ok. I made you eat it plenty of times. Let me know the next time you're back home visiting your folks." Walker said. He saw Mike's eyes connect with mine. "Not for sex, just to hang out, you know."

"Will do." Mike said. He sighed and rubbed his ass. "I was serious about the bath. My ass is on fire."

Walker and I laughed as Mike took off down the hall toward the bathroom. Things were suddenly awkward as we both pulled on our clothes. Walker looked at his watch and said he needed to get going. I walked him out to his car.

"Take care of him. I meant it when I said he was one in a million." he said.

"I know." I told him before going back inside to join Mike in the bathtub.

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  1. Incredible chapter, these guys just get hotter and hotter.

    Have to say I'm intrigued at you bringing in the reference to Mike's earlier experiences as a bottom. Was that just a bit of background when introducing Walker or a plot point to develop in the future? There's something incredibly hot about a dominant guy who meets someone even more dominant than them and has to submit in spite of themselves. Think it would add an interesting dimension to Mike and Clint's relationship.

    Just my two cents!

  2. Its nice to see Mike bottom. It would be nice if their relation could be like that as in at times top and at times bottom

  3. I like the increasing domination from Mike. Keep it comin', notch by notch.

  4. Not sure how much of Mike bottoming we'll see. I've been trying to make Mike into a more interesting character. Not just a jock - you know. The background is meant to help with some of that. I also like to mix domination with bottoming. It's something I don't see a lot of, but which intrigues me.

  5. Not to seem crotchety, but in an earlier post Mike told Clint that he was the first person that he'd submitted to. That seemed an important trust facet to their relationship and made Clint just that much hotter. The incongruent Walker backstory threw me off a bit.
    Great story though. I like the progression of their relationship and the sex so fluid!

    1. Lol. Sorry When I started the story I didn't think it would go this far, so I didn't keep track of details like that. I'm still pretty bad at it. I tend to forget what happened a few chapters ago. I'm trying to get better at continuity, but occasionally stuff slips by. Thanks for reading.

  6. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE finish this story its killing me having no clue whats next.

    1. I'll finish it, but not for a couple of weeks. I won't leave you hanging, but this story takes time.