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Basketball Jock and Prof, Chapter 2

Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 2
Cosmic Charlie

Last Time: Mike, a stud on the university's basketball team, showed up at the professor's house and seduced him. The prof sucked Mike's cock and was fucked hard on his front lawn.

Mike showed up for his final exam the week after we had sex and acted as if nothing had ever happened. He did surprisingly well on the test, and I felt better about promising him a C in the class. On the last page of the exam booklet, he wrote, "Thanks for the one on one tutoring. See you around." I figured that this meant that our encounter was a one time thing, and I was depressed because it was the best sex I had ever had. Mike and I had incredible sexual chemistry. It was like we could read each others' minds - we knew exactly how to get each other off. I thought about emailing Mike, but figured it was a bad idea. If Mike didn't want anything else from me, I would leave him be. If I started to bother him, he could make trouble for me. I had, after all, slept with a student and falsified a grade.

I came back to campus in January eager to settle into a new routine. A few weeks had passed, and I was getting over my crush on Mike. Then, on the first day of class, Mike showed up at my office. He strolled in non-chalantly and said, "Hey Professor."

I looked up and was, as usual, stuck dumb by his handsomeness. He was tall, muscular, and had a strong chiseled face. "Uh Mike . . . Have a seat. How was your vacation?"

Mike sat down and answered, "It was good. Hey, I think I may have lost my sweatshirt during our tutoring session. Did you happen to find it?" He was being deliberately sarcastic, putting on a show for any of my colleagues who might be listening.

"I found it." I said in a very low voice,  "Its at my house. I'll bring it in tomorrow."

Mike stretched out his long frame in the chair and kicked my office door shut. "Did you wash it?"

"No," I said.

"What did you do with it?" He asked. "Did you jack off with it? Be honest with me, Prof."

"Uh . . . yeah, I might have jacked off with it once or twice." That was a lie. I had jerked off with the sweatshirt in my face a few times a day for the last few weeks. It was filled with Mike's smell. Sweaty with a tinge of body odor combined with the scent of men's body wash - manly in other words. I don't really believe in pheromones, but when I took a sniff of the pits of that sweatshirt, my cock was instantly hard. On a couple of days I had beat off so many times that my cum was pretty much just water.

"Tell me about the first time." Mike said. It was not a request. Mike had this subtle way of telling me what to do without ordering me around. I'm not sure if it worked on other people, but it sure as hell worked on me.

"Uh . . . I smelled the pits and I jerked off." I said.

"C'mon prof - fill out your answer. Your wrote that on my papers a million times. You said, "Fill out your answers," or "Give me details". Well, give me details."

"So, the morning after we fucked on my front lawn . . ."

"The morning after?" Mike chuckled, "You're a fucking horn-dog, Prof."

"Yeah, well, the morning after we fucked I walked into my living room and I remembered that you had left your sweatshirt at the house. I picked it up, and as I walked to my office to put it in my bag to bring to campus I looked out the front window and saw the spot where you had fucked me. I guess I sort of mechanically brought the sweatshirt up to my nose and smelled it while I relived what had happened the night before."

"What did you smell?" He asked.

"I smelt you Mike. Your clean, spicy, sexy smell. Before I knew what was going on my cock was at full mast and I had a hand down my shorts, rubbing myself while I smelled the pits of your shirt."

While I told the story Mike started to rub his abs, scratching his stomach and pushing down the waistband of his basketball shorts. I wasn't sure if he liked how that felt or if he was putting on a show for me, trying to get me hot and horny while I was at work. Occasionally, he would push the waistband down so I could see his dark, trimmed pubes. Once or twice he went low enough to let me see the base of his thick cock.

I kept going, "I just thought of you fucking me, your dick in my ass, and that thought combined with your smell was enough. I shot my load all over my hand and inside my pants."

"Is that it?" His hand was way down his pants now. I think he was playing with his nuts. His paw was big enough to cover his whole crotch, and he massaged his junk as I told him how I finished up.

"Uh, not quite. I ate my load after I came. It didn't taste as good as your cum Mike, but I like to eat it after I shoot."

"Sicko." He said and pulled a face that expressed mock disgust. "How many more times did you cum while you smelled my sweaty clothes and thought of me?"


Mike took his hand out of his pants. His fingers were covered in precum. He stuck a few into my mouth, and I sucked them like they were his cock. With his fingers still in my mouth, he said "Well, I'm glad I could be there for you Prof. I like that sweatshirt. I'm gonna come by tonight to pick it up after practice. That sound ok to you?"

My heart fluttered and my dick jumped. I was excited and nervous at the same time. "Yeah, I'll be there."

He walked over to the office door and, just before opening it to walk out, turned around and said, "Try to keep your hands out of your pants until then, you pervert."

* * * * *

When I got home, I hopped into the shower to clean myself up for Mike. Then I went to work on the house. I changed the sheets on my bed, and swept up all the dog hair. I'm not sure why I was preening for this stud, except that I didn't want him to leave me alone for weeks on end again.

I was outside with my dog Gunner when Mike drove up in his White Chevy Blazer. When he hopped out of the SUV, I saw that he had changed into jeans and a white T-shirt. Gunner ran right up to him, and Mike got down on one knee to scratch behind his ears and rub his belly. I love men who are friendly with dogs, and seeing Mike with Gunner made me fall even harder for him. After a few minutes, Mike stood up and walked toward me. He made like he was going in for a kiss, so I shut my eyes and moved my lips toward his. Instead of his mouth, however, I got a mouthful of Mike's t-shirt covered armpit.

"Nice try, sucker. Rub your face in it, Prof. You like my smell? You dream of putting your face in my pits? Well here you go, take a good wiff."

I inhaled deeply through my nose. Mike hadn't showered after practice and his pit was just starting to develop a little bit of odor. Overall, it was not a bad smell. Clean but musky.

I kept my face in his pit as he removed his T-shirt. As the fabric moved past my nose, my mouth made contact with his pit hair and the hard muscle underneath. I ran my tongue from the bottom of his pit to the beginning of his triceps and then back down. Mike took his other arm and pushed my face deep into his pit. I mouthed his pit hair and sucked on his skin the best I could as he ground my face into his body.

Suddenly he grabbed my hair and pulled my head away from him. As I looked him in the eye, I could see his wild, sexual side awakening. I walked over to the table in the garage that I had put his sweatshirt on and tossed it to him. "You wanna come in Mike?"

"No," he said as he pulled on his shirt, "Lets go get a beer. Get in the car, I'm driving."

The idea of going out for a drink with Mike made me nervous, and I hesitated. "Don't worry," Mike said, "If we see someone you know I'll make up a story."

I was horny enough to believe that Mike really could fix any problems that arose, so I jumped into his Blazer. We didn't  really talk while he drove the two miles into town. He stopped at a run down western bar at the edge of town called the Ace Corral. The Ace had a reputation being a place where pretty much anything goes, but I'd never been there before. There were only a few other cars in the parking lot.

Mike put the car in park and then reached across the car and grabbed my dick through my jeans. He started to work my cock real hard, while looking into my eyes. He kept saying things like, "Shoot a load for me, prof. You're such a stud. Shoot a big load in your pants. Make me proud Prof."

I knew what Mike was trying to do. He wanted to make me go into the bar with a wet spot on the front of my jeans. I think he would have stopped if I had asked, but I didn't want him to stop. I grabbed ahold of his muscular forearm with both hands and started to grind my crotch into his hand. Within a minute my body was shaking and my cock was spasming. I shot four or five solid spurts of cum into my pants. I could feel the hot cum against my skin. Mike pressed on the spot as the cum started to soak through, pushing my cum up and out of the denim.

"That was a big load, prof. Nice work. Lets go get something to drink."

When we got into the bar I saw several of the guys give Mike knowing looks before checking me out. Their eyes all paused at my crotch and the dark spot on my jeans. Mike glanced at me and said, "You're not the first trick I've brought in here . . . You are the first one with cum running down his leg, though, if that makes you feel better."

"I'm honored," I said as I tried to cover the spot.

We sat down at the bar and ordered two beers. We had a pretty nice conversation. Mike talked about the pressures of being a college athlete and he asked me a lot about why I became a History professor. Then he paused for a minute and grinned at me. "I bet you were the kind of guy who never went out and had fun in college. You were so busy studying and getting ready for your career that you didn't get to have a lot of fun. Is that right?"

"I suppose, but it's paid off. You sacrifice a lot for basketball right?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, "but basketball is fun."

"Believe it or not, history can be fun too."

"Still, I think its time for you to break some rules, you know, do some crazy things. When we fucked on your lawn, that was crazy. I'm gonna help you loosen up Prof, and I'm not just talking about stretching out your asshole with my thick pole. I'm gonna help you do those crazy things you missed out on in college."

I didn't know what to say. I was down to fuck all night long, but doing crazy stuff could get me into trouble. Mike's life had fewer consequences than mine. I needed to be careful before I got totally taken in by this stud and destroyed by him.

Mike must have seen my concern. He said, "Relax. We won't do anything too crazy. By the way, you reek like cum. Can you smell that?"

The cum smell was pretty powerful. The heat from my thighs was warming it up and the smell was very noticeable to me. "Yeah. You think anyone else can smell it?"

"If they can, they probably don't know what they are smelling. Its getting me hot, though. Finish you're beer. Its time to get out of here."

I finished my beer and we both left.

* * * * *

We got into Mike's Blazer and he pulled onto the main highway leading back to my house. Mike was laughing about me creaming my pants and still going into the bar. "I totally thought you'd chicken out, prof. I mean, man, you just walked right in there with a fucking baseball sized wet spot in your crotch like it was the thing to do. Maybe you're crazier than I thought."

I was blushing as Mike complimented me. The fact that this super stud was talking me up was mind blowing. I felt cool and relaxed - "crazy" as Mike would say. When I was with him, I felt like I could do anything and be anyone.

"Hey Prof," Mike called out after a few minutes of driving, "You ever fuck in the back of a car?"

"No. Never done it."

"Time to change that." Mike turned off the highway and onto a side road that led down to a county park that ran along the banks of the river that flowed through town. It was pretty late, and there were no other cars in the parking lot. The lot was lit by a single lamppost. If a cop or state trooper drove by on the highway, they would be sure to see us and come check things out.

"Mike, I think this is a bad idea. We could get caught"

"That's what makes it hot. Don't you get off on the idea of getting caught?" he asked as he backed into a parking spot. He got out of the car and opened the back door to put the seats down. "Jump in the back and strip off your pants. Keep your shirt on just in case we need to beat it out of here."

The last part was a joke. He flashed me a big, sexy grin as he said it.

I stripped out of my jeans and boxer briefs, but kept my button-down shirt on. Mike put down the passenger side seat and then jumped into the car. He pulled off his jeans, but kept his briefs on.

"Nice tightie-whities Mike." I said.

Mike got up on his knees and sort of thrust his package out at me. I could clearly see the outline of his semi-hard cock. "They're not very fashionable, but look at my fucking package." He started to manipulate his junk, showing off the way the tight fabric framed his big cock and huge balls.

"Plus, I can pull my balls out of the leg hole for a really slutty effect." He pulled his sack out and his egg-sized balls hung low. Before he could say another word I dove across the car and took his sack in my mouth. I loved the feel of his scrotum as it spilled out of my mouth and onto my face. It was so soft and held the essence of the man.

I was laying on my back and Mike started to teabag me. My nostrils were filled with the sweaty tang of the back of his ball sac, as my mouth alternated between testicles. I took each one in and sucked on it, rolling my tongue around his huge nuts. I had just reached down to grab my cock when Mike pulled his sac out of my mouth.

"It's my turn to eat your meat." He said as he tucked his nuts back into the pouch of his briefs. He quickly flipped his body around so that his knees were on either side of my rib cage, and held my hands above my hand. I playfully resisted him and pushed back with my arms. Instantly, Mike's turned on his full strength and pushed me back down. I groaned in defeat and went limp.  He looked down at me and smiled with his big handsome grin. He pushed my hands down one more time as a play show of his strength then moved in to kiss me.

Mike's kisses were powerful and strong. He kissed with his whole body. As his lips parted mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth, he maneuvered his body and used his knees to spread my legs apart. My hard dick made contact with his cloth covered crotch, and Mike brought his whole body down against mine. He broke off his kiss and released the pressure on my hands. He started to move his mouth down my body, pausing briefly at each nipple before licking his way across my abs and belly button. The whole time, Mike kept a hold on my hand. Maintaining his connection with me while he approached my swollen cock.

Mike shoved his face into my basket. He used his nose to lift my balls as he inhaled my scent. He made a strange, animalistic growling noise, sniffing and licking around my cock. Then he slowly drew the tip of his tongue up my cock and across my piss-slit.

"Nice pretty dick," he said, "Don't cum without telling me. I don't want you cumming until I'm ready."

I was so hard it hurt. "God, Mike." I groaned, "Please suck my cock."

I started to move my hands toward his head, but Mike immediately pushed my arms back into the floor. Then he brought his mouth over my dick. He slowly moved down my shaft, mouthing, licking, and sucking all the way down to the root of my cock. Like almost everything he did, Mike's cock-sucking skills were impressive. He seemed to have no gag reflex. He could deep throat me in a second. He pulled back up and started to lick my head and shaft, occasionally moving down to my balls before going back up to my cock. After about five minutes of his expert treatment, I was ready to blow.

"Mike, I'm going cum soon."

"Not yet," Mike said. He grabbed me around me torso and in one fluid motion flipped me over. His strength was amazing. He had literally just manipulated me like I was a child in his hands. Then he spread my ass cheeks with his big hands. "Mmm, mmm, mmm." Mike said. He poked at my rosebud with his finger, and then started to lick my asshole.

As he licked my ass I groaned in pleasure. My groans seemed to turn Mike on even more, and he went for my ass cunt with even more vigor. "Gotta get your pussy ready for my dick." He said. He spit on my ass and licked his index finger before shoving it into my hole. He moved his finger in and out a few times before slipping me a second finger.

"Turn over," Mike said. I twisted onto my back, his fingers still embedded in my ass. "Look at how hot you're getting me."  He pointed at his crotch. His hard cock was stretching his briefs. It reached up and stretched the white fabric all the way over to his hip.

"Come over here and suck on it." I pulled myself off of Mike's fingers and crawled to his cock. I went for the area around the head, which was wet with Mike's copious precum. I got the fabric good and wet and then sucked the dog water out of his shorts. Then I got up on my knees and tweaked one of Mike's nipples.

"Mike, you gotta fuck me. I need you in me."

"Hang on," Mike said as he jumped out of the passenger side door. He reappeared at the back of the vehicle and raised the lift gate. The dome light came on, and the whole scene appeared more sleazy and erotic. Mike stood there in his tented white briefs and beckoned me to him. I crawled to the back of the vehicle.

"Get out and bend over the bumper. It'll make it easier to fuck you," he said.

I immediately jumped out of the car and bent over so that my torso was in the back of the Blazer and my ass was hanging over the end. "Its time Mike," I said, "Fuck me."

Mike dropped his briefs and his dick smacked up against his furry stomach. He bent it down and aimed it at my asshole. Mike pushed his head past my sphincter, then put both hands on my hips, pulling my body back onto his dick. Using his grip on my hind end as leverage, he started to drill my ass with long swift strokes. He would pull about half way out then shove his dick all the way back in.

I laid my head down on the floor of his SUV and just took it all in. My mouth was hanging open as I panted under his anal assault. Mike's girth was impressive and his eight inch cock was stretching my asshole good. As he pistoned in and out of me, I could feel his dick pulling on my ass lips. My hole was stinging and tingling, but it was a good pain, the kind of pain that always accompanies a good, hard fucking.

Mike's huge balls were swinging back and forth between his legs and on his down strokes, they would swing up and hit my balls and cock. Over and over again his balls slapped against mine. Mike panted, "You like that Prof. You like my big man meat in your ass and my huge balls slapping against yours." The stimulation on my nutsack was incredible. It took the sex to another level altogether. Every time Mike's pelvis slammed into my ass, his swinging nuts followed soon after. Between my grunting, his dirty talk, and the sound of our bodies slamming into each other, anyone within nearby would have known that there was some real serious man-sex going on.

"Turn over. I want to look into your eyes as I fuck the cum out of you." Mike pulled his dick out of me and I instantly felt empty. My stinging asshole was gaping in the cool winter air and my guts were craving to be filled again.

I flipped onto my back and Mike quickly drove back into me. As he pushed in deep, I winced from a sudden pain. Mike saw the wince and stopped. "Am I too big for you Prof? Too much of a man for you? Maybe I should take it out." he laughed.

"Fuck no Mike. Fuck me until I cum."

Mike lifted my legs up over his shoulders and started to drill me with no mercy. My back was being rubbed raw from the shitty carpet that covered the floor of the Blazer.

 "I want to cum with you. Start jerking your cock." Mike said. I reached down and grabbed my cock. I stroked my dick in time with Mike's thrusts, keeping a rhythm  with his relentless fucking. "I'm getting close." Mike said after about a minute.

About ten seconds later Mike said that he was coming. He didn't shout it out or growl it like he had in the past, he just told me that he was coming. Just as he slowed his drilling I started to orgasm. My ass muscles clamped down on his cock as he came. I looked up at Mike and he seemed to be in another world as his cum flooded my guts. With every spasm of his body his cock swelled in my ass and he pushed into me.

Mike's orgasm pushed me over the edge. I shot a good sized load all over my chest. My best shots made it almost to my chin. Mike, still feeling the tail end of his orgasm, scooped up the cum from my chest and started to eat it. His dick still hard and firmly planted in my ass, Mike licked up or scooped up every drop of cum on my chest, moving from top to bottom.

Mike brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I could taste my cum in his mouth. The salty leftovers of my orgasm. Mike pulled his dick out of my ass and pulled up his briefs. As his cock popped out I felt some of his cum drip out of my asshole and run down my ass. I wanted to reach down and scoop some up to eat, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Next time, I thought, I need to get him to come in me before I orgasm, then I'll still be in the mood to do it.

"Better get dressed, Prof. We don't want to press our luck."

I started to put my pants on as Mike got in the driver's seat and started up the truck. He drove back to my place in his briefs. When we got home I jumped out of the truck. Mike said, "I'm going to be out of town for a while Prof. The team's traveling for about a week. I'll stop by your office on Wednesday morning before we leave to drop off something to keep you busy."

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