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Pucked, Chapter 2

Pucked, Part 2
Cosmic Charlie -

Over the next two weeks I never once saw Ben, or anyone else for that matter, while cleaning up the locker rooms. My life returned to the boring and somewhat degrading monotony of cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. However, one thing had changed. Since my encounter with Ben, the occasional piece of clothing would show up in the locker room. 

At first, I found an odd sock and figured that it had just been left there accidently. But when I examined it, I found a crusty spot on the heel of the sock. Someone had cum onto it. Without even thinking, I moistened the spot with my spit and sucked the rehydrated cum out of the sock. As I savored the taste of old cum, I inhaled the musky foot odor. The next day I found a pair of boxer briefs and then a day later a jock strap. I realized when I found the jock that it did not come from the same person who left the boxer briefs. The sizes were different and the jock actually had initials written on the waistband. All of this gear was coming from different people.

My love of raunchy underwear knows almost no limits, and I stole the gear with absolutely no concerns about the consequences. I took each item home, sniffed it for an hour or two, and then manically beat off while huffing the man smells from the jock. I loved rubbing the gear onto my face. The smell of sweat and cum would stay on with me for hours after I had finished. When I was done, I sealed each one in a bag and saved it for later. By the end of the third week, I had four socks and nine random pieces of underwear. Most of the clothes had cum on them and all of them had been used before they were left.

When I got to work on the following Monday I made a bee line to the lockerroom to check and see if any good peices had shown up over the weekend. There, sitting on a bench, was a black Bike jock strap. I walked over and picked it up. The jock was sweaty and covered in whitish cum stains. It looked like it had been jacked off into many times. Then I noticed that right in the middle of the pouch, was a fresh load. The cum had been shot so recently that it hadn't liquified yet. 

Without hesitating I took the jock into my mouth and sucked out the cum. The salty flavor of a random, unknown man made me unbelievably horny.  I quickly unzipped my coveralls and pulled out my cock. I kept the jock in my mouth, sucking at it, as I started to jerk myself off. The heady aroma of the jockstrap filled my nostrils. I closed my eyes and imagined that my face was back where it belonged - planted in some stud's crotch.

"See." I suddenly heard a voice behind me. "I told you the fag janitor was stealing our gear." 

"Ben! Don't use that word." another voice said.

I turned around, the jock still in my mouth. Ben stood in front of me, dressed in a t-shirt and nylon workout shorts. Next to him stood the assistant coach of the hockey team, Dave Nelson. Dave had only stopped playing hockey a few years ago, and still had an athletic build. He stood about six feet tall and had short, cropped brown hair. He was wearing a university t-shirt and track pants. 

I spit the jock out of my mouth and let go of my dick. My cock continued to pulse in front of me with my heartbeat, and it was dripping obscene amounts of precum. 

"What the fuck is going on?" Dave asked me.

Before I could answer, Ben chimed in. "This guy is a total cock-hound, Coach. He gets off on smelling our sweaty gear."

Coach Dave stepped up to me and kicked the jockstrap that I spit out of my mouth off to the side. "Get your pants on and get the fuck out of here. You're not cleaning the lockerroom anymore."

I was completely mortified and ashamed. I said nothing and just reached down to tuck my dick back into my coveralls and zip up. Just as my hand reached my cock, Ben stopped me.

"Hang on." he said. He was looking directly at me, but Coach Dave thought he was talking to him.

"Coach, I caught this guy staring at me a few days ago and made him suck me off. He gave me amazing head." Ben said.

"You forced him?" Coach Dave asked. He was clearly reacting to what Ben had said in a way that Ben didn't expect. The coach looked down at me. "Did he force you?"

I glanced up at Ben then at Coach Dave. As ashamed as I was, I wasn't going to accuse Ben of raping me. "No." I said.

"Tell him what happened." Ben said. His tone was forceful, and he meant what he said as a command. 

Still on my knees, I briefly related the story. "I was in here cleaning when Ben came in from practice. He caught me staring at him. He let me give him a blow job . . ." 

"And then?" Ben asked.

I cast my eyes down to the floor. "And then I begged him to fuck me."

While I explained what had happend, Coach Dave's crotch started to fill out. He was getting hard.

"Did you enjoy licking my sweaty balls Luke, or did I force you?" Ben asked, clearly taunting me.

"I enjoyed it." I said.

"Tell me how much you enjoyed it." Ben asked.

I looked at Coach Dave, who now had a hand on his junk. Ben's shorts were tented out obscenely. 

"I fucking loved it Ben. I loved smelling your raunchy balls and licking your salty, sweaty cock. I loved the feeling of your dick in my ass." I said.

"And the ending?" asked Ben.

"I loved drinking your piss, Ben." I said. I was now actively avoiding making eye contact with either of them. I was looking down at the floor and felt about six inches tall.

"No shit? He drank your piss?" Coach Dave asked. 

"You bet. I told you, he's a total cock hound. He's way more into dick than those dudes you pick up at the bars downtown." Ben said.

Coach Dave turned white as a sheet and started to stumble over his words.

"We all know you're a homo Coach. You don't have to hide it from the team." Ben said. "C'mon. Relax a little and we can use this bitch together."

Coach Dave looked down at me and then looked over at Ben. Ben was the kind of guy that oozed masculine sexuality and studly energy. He didn't look like a model. He looked like a man who worked his body hard. He had the kind of muscles you get from using your body, on the ice and off. I could tell that Coach Dave was more turned on by the idea of fucking around with Ben than he was with playing around with me.

Ben didn't wait for an answer. He pulled his dick out of his pants and started to piss on me without warning. I couldn't stop myself. I opened my mouth and drank Ben's urine. It was stronger this time, much more bitter, but I loved the taste regardless. 

"Holy shit." Coach Dave said. 

"Do it." Ben told him as his thick, strong stream poured down over me. 

Dave pushed down the waistband of his track pants and started to piss on me through his hard cock. His flow started as a trickle, but once the gates opened I had two strong streams of piss pouring down over me. The whole front of my body was wet, and my coveralls were getting soaked. My dick was hard again and standing straight up against my abs. As the warm piss ran down my body, it washed over my cock and trickled down my balls.

Ben's flow finished first and Coach Dave finished up a few seconds later. Ben's cock had hardened, and I started to move my mouth toward it. 

"No way." Ben said, "You're a fucking mess. You need a shower before I let you touch me." I was too horned up to really even process about what he said. I just stayed on my knees like an idiot.

"Get up." Ben ordered.

I stood, and then Ben started to walk toward the showers. I followed him. The shower room was divided into individual stalls by dividers and had no doors. Ben turned on the water, and I got into one of the stalls to clean myself up. The hot water felt great on my body, but the fact that two guys were watching me made the whole experience very strange. Dave, in particular, was making no attempt to hide the fact that he was checking me out. He continued to rub his cock as I washed the piss off my body. 

"Coach, help me get my shirt off." Ben said. Dave looked like a puppy who was just told he was going to get a treat. He pulled Ben's t-shirt off his body and ran his hand over Ben's well defined chest. He then grabbed onto the waistband and pulled the waist of Ben's pants down below his cock. As he bent over to slide the pants down, Ben put a hand on his shoulder. Dave fell to his knees. I couldn't believe Ben's game. In a matter of minutes he got an assistant coach on his knees in front of him. Granted, the dude is gay, but even gay dudes have some boundaries. 

Ben's nine inches stood out in front of his body. He looked down at Coach Dave and said, "You can suck it if you want." 

Dave started to suck Ben. I felt like I was watching live, in the flesh pornography. Both guys were really hot, and the environment we were in made it feel like a porno. The only difference was that Ben was not looking down at Dave or off into space. He was looking straight into my eyes as Coach Dave sucked his cock. 

I reached down and started to yank on my cock. The whole time, Ben's eyes never left mine. Minutes passed with no conversation between Ben and I or Ben and Dave. Occasionally, Ben would flex his pecs or stretch a little to reveal the detailing on his abs. These moves only caused me to jerk my cock more furiously, which seemed to please Ben. He would shoot me a half smile after he flexed and watch me as I redoubled my efforts on my own cock. 

Finally, Ben broke the silence. "Luke, are you jealous of Dave? Do you want to suck me cock and eat my load?"

I took my hand off my cock, "Yes." I paused for a second and Ben didn't say anything. Then I said, "You're a hockey god and I want to eat your cum."

Ben sneered at me. "If I let you eat my cum, will you do anything I ask?"

"Yes." I said. "Anything."

"Do you promise?" Ben asked.

"I promise. I'll do anything." My body was leaning forward toward him. I needed to taste his dick. I wanted nothing more than to crawl on my hands and knees toward him and lick his hard dick.

Ben stepped toward me and his cock popped out of Dave's mouth. As he walked toward me, he pulled his shorts back up. When he got to me, he pulled up the leg of his shorts and dropped his balls on my face. I needed no instructions, but went to work on his balls immediately. I sucked them into my mouth, tasting Ben's ball sweat and some of Coach Dave's spit. 

"I am going to use you hard, Luke." Ben said as he rubbed his junk all over my face. "You're my bitch now, my personal boy cunt to do with as I please."

I grumbled in approval as I moved my tongue toward his asshole.

"You want to lick my ass, fag? Go for it." he said. 

Ben turned around and dropped his damp shorts. The smell of his sweaty ass hit me like a truck. I dived in, licking my way down his crack to his hole. I never bothered to spread his cheeks and neither did Ben. My face was completely planted in his ass, and my tongue was swirling around his hole. 

As I chewed on his hole, Ben started to taunt Coach Dave, saying, "I bet you wish it was your face in my ass, don't you Coach." I couldn't hear a reply, but I figured that any fag worth the name would have been compelled to nod yes. 

"Too bad, Coach. I've picked my cunt." he said. For some reason, my cock throbbed at the thought that Ben had picked me over Coach Dave. I was no longer just a convenient hole for him to fill, but the bitch he had hand picked. 

Ben turned around to face me but pulled his cock away from my mouth before I got a chance to taste his cock snot. He grabbed me by the sides of my face, "You are going to plant your face in every crotch I tell you to and suck every dick I find for you. If I line up twenty guys to fuck your ass you are going to take every load."

"Look over there." Ben turned my head, kind of violently, toward Coach Dave, who was pulling at his cock as he watched the scene unfold. 

"I can replace you. Don't forget that." Ben said. 

Coach Dave looked pathetic on his knees with his cock in his hand. Ben had chosen me, and the most Dave could ask for was my leftovers. Ben had a certain sort of power over me - a kind of natural masculine dominance. He didn't make me submit to him, he made me want to submit to him. I could spend the rest of my life worshiping his body. 

"Go over and suck Dave's cock." Ben said. 

I crawled on my hands and knees over to the coach, who stood up and pointed his dick toward my face. He pulled me hard by the ears onto his dick, either because his submissive side was waning or because he was jealous of my relationship with Ben. I sucked his uncut dick into my mouth and began to tongue under his hood. Precum oozed onto my tongue and my mouth was filled with his salty taste.

Coach Dave had the hairiest legs I've ever seen and thick pubes. His nappy crotch was filled with a musky aroma. After a few minutes of sucking him, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I pulled my face away and saw Ben's dick out of the corner of my eye. He pushed it toward my mouth, and I tried to suck both dicks at once. 

It wasn't really possible for me to exercise any dick sucking skills on the two cocks. Dave and Ben just jabbed at my mouth. Occasionally, one or the other would line up just right and slide into my throat. When I gagged the first time, Ben laughed and patted me on the head. 

"You hear that Coach? That's the sound of a true cock whore. Look at how much he loves choking on our dicks." he said.

After that, it became a sort of game with them. Each tried to ram his dick down my throat while the other tried to block it. In the meantime, they were mercilessly fucking my face. Throughout it all, I was in heaven. I loved the feeling of being used by these guys and loved the fact that my mouth was getting them off. 

The coach came first. His cock swelled up in my mouth and he called out that he was going to cum. Ben immediately removed his cock and backed away. The coach's cum exploded onto my face in thick ropes. Most of it landed on my mouth and nose, but one shot missed and got into my hair. The coach grunted like an animal as he came all over me.

As Coach Dave caught his breath, Ben took a step forward and said, "Clean up your mess Coach."  Without thinking, Dave knelt down and started to lick his cum off my face. He started on my chin and pushed his own load up over my cheeks before sucking it into his mouth. Then he moved his mouth over mine. I knew what was coming and opened wide. The coach spit his cum into my hungry mouth. He repeated this procedure several more times until his entire load had been fed to me. 

Ben was literally doubled over and laughing out loud, "Jesus fuck. You dudes are so fucking sleezy. Its unbelievable."

Ben looked at me and said, "Come over here. I'm gonna fuck you." 

I walked on my knees over to Ben. He gently but firmly pushed me onto my back. Though the shower room was warm, the tile was cold on my skin. Ben lifted my legs and ass into the air, then got down on his knees and lined his dick up with my asshole. He hawked some spit onto his dick and began to slide into me.

As he pushed his cock into my gut, Ben looked straight into my eyes. I could tell that he was getting off on my reactions. If I winced, a smile would flash across his face and he would slow down a little. Once he could tell my ass had stretched to accommodate him, he would speed up again. I was still pretty new to anal sex, and Ben was bigger than any other guy I'd taken. The entry of his unlubed dick was painful, but also exciting. I loved the feeling of him inside of my body. 

Ben started to fuck me, drawing his dick several inches out of my ass then plunging back until his pelvis was pressed against my ass cheeks.

"Tell me that you like getting fucked by me, Luke." he said. 

My response was mainly incoherant, but I encouraged Ben by telling him how much I loved the way he drilled me with his big cock. I told him that I loved getting fucked and sucking cock and this caught his attention. 

He pushed in balls deep before saying, "You want me to find guys to fuck you and feed you cum, Luke? You need me to whore you out a little?" 

I would have said yes to anything at that point, but I really liked where Ben's mind was going.

"Yeah, Ben," I said, "Get your stud friends to fuck me. Find me some more cock. I need it." 

Ben started to fuck me again, harder now. He seemed to be able to go forever and then to cum when he decided it was time. 

"Open your mouth, cunt." he said, and I did as I was told. 

Ben pulled up a big loogie and then spit it into my mouth. His thick saliva and phlegm coated my tongue. It kind of grossed me out, and I didn't know what to do. 

"Swallow it, fag." Ben said. 

I immediately swallowed it.

"Good boy." Ben said and patted me on the face. Then he spit on my face again for good measure. 

"Coach!" he called out, "Come over here and sit on this pussy's face. He needs an ass to eat."

Within seconds, Coach Dave was lowering his asshole onto my mouth. His big balls and cock hung down over my eyes and nose. His balls came to rest on my face, his scrotum spreading out over the bridge of my nose and spilling into my eye sockets.  His asshole was perfectly positioned over my waiting mouth. While I was upset that I was no longer able to watch Ben as he drove his dick into me, I was happy to have an asshole to occupy my tongue. 

I plunged my tongue into his sweaty ass crack and licked around his hole. After toying with his asslips for a few minutes, I started to fuck his ass with my tongue. I could tell Coach Dave was getting into it because he moved his ass to meet my tongue. As he did this, his balls and cock slid across my face. I was sweating now, and his scrotum was sticky against my skin. 

Suddenly, Dave's ass was pushed down hard against my mouth. Ben must have grabbed onto his shoulders for leverage while fucking me. His cock plunged deeper into my gut and his thrusts got harder. He kept on like this for around ten minutes. His fucking was starting to get uncomfortable, but in my present state, the added sensations only served to get me hotter. Each twinge of pain augmented the pleasure of his cock inside of me. 

"Coach, turn around and suck his dick. He's leaking all over me." Ben said. 

Dave's ass was lifted off of me as he turned around. He squatted back over me, but this time bent forward and took my dick into his mouth. The feeling of his warm, wet mouth on my dick was incredible and drove me into a frenzy. I sucked, licked, and even nibbled a little at the skin between his ass and balls. I knew it would only be minutes before I came and I started to buck my hips against his open mouth.

"Fuck his face Luke. Fuck his face while I cum all over him." Ben ordered and withdrew his dick from my ass. 

I bucked my pelvis against the coach's face, driving my cock into his throat. I could literally feel the head of my dick sliding against the top of his mouth and into the entrance of his throat. The coach was gagging a little, but otherwise was a well-practiced cock sucker. 

Ben called out that he was cumming, but I wasn't able to see his shots. Instead, I felt some of his hot cum hit the base of my dick as he came on the coach's face. Instantly, I started to shoot my load into the coach's willing mouth. His lips locked down on the head of my dick and he greedily sucked my cum down into his gullet. 

After we had both finished cumming, Ben pushed the coach off of me. I looked over at him, laying on the tile floor. His face was painted with what was easily the biggest load I'd ever seen - in porn or in person. At least seventy-five percent of his face had cum on it.

"Clean him up." Ben said to me.

I was intensely proud that I was going to be the one that got to eat Ben's cum. I rolled over onto my knees and brought my mouth down over the coach's face. His eyes were closed and cum was pooled in both of his eyes sockets. I decided to start with the cum that was collected there. 

My tongue snaked over the slimy load and my mouth was filled with Ben's taste. I initially tried to savor each lick, but was soon greedily gobbling up all of the cum. When I saw Coach Dave's lips part, in an attempt to eat some of it himself, I quickly licked up the cum from around his mouth. All the while, Ben stood over me, his cock still hard as a rock and standing straight up against his belly. 

"You're a good slut, Luke." He said as I ate my meal. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you." 

With that, Ben turned around and walked out of the showers. By the time I had satisfied myself with his load and walked into the main locker room, he was gone. 

* * * * *

I didn't see Ben again for three days. Finally, one evening while I was mopping up, Ben showed up. He looked like he had just been for a run. He didn't have a shirt on and was wearing a pair of nylon running shorts. 

He walked past me and sat down on a bench. He spread his legs wide, giving me a view up one of the leg holes to his jock covered bulge. 

"Hey fag." he said.

"Hey Ben." I told him, My eyes were glued on his junk. Spreading his legs was a calculated move intended to get me hot, and it was working.

"I want to keep playing with you, but you need to tell me what you want." he said. Then with one finger, he pointed at his crotch. "Come here."

I walked over to him and got down on my hands and knees. He brought his hands up to the side of my head, and moved my face along his inner thigh. He pushed my face up the leg of his shorts into his crotch. 

I automatically, almost compulsively inhaled deeply. The scent of Ben made me loose my bearings on the world. It was like I was high. Ben let me sniff his jock for a few seconds, then pulled my head out of his crotch.

"You like the smell of a real man, Luke." he asked. 

I nodded.

"If you want more, you need to tell me what you want. Tell me your fantasies. Tell me every sick thing your fag brain thinks up." he said. 

He pushed my face back into his crotch so that I could huff his smell again. He pulled me back out and looked into my eyes. "I want you to tell me what you want, so that I can really start to fuck with you." 

His hands were rubbing the back of my neck. His voice was so soft. I felt like a rat being mesmerized by a snake. So I started to talk. First I told him what I wanted from him. Then I told him every other sick thing my fag brain had ever thought of.

End of Part 2
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