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Basketball Jock and Prof, Chapter 7

Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 7
Cosmic Charlie -

The days after Selection Sunday were kind of a blur. The team had to travel to play, so Mike never called on me for sex. The atmosphere on campus was charged, like it always is when a team is making a tournament run. No matter how big of a long shot, everyone believes for those few weeks that we could become national champions. The basketball team progressed all the way to the Elite Eight, before being eliminated by the team seeded second in our region. Just like that, the electric atmosphere on campus collapsed and things went back to normal.

I thought a lot about Mike during that time, especially after the team was eliminated. He was an athlete and had been his entire life. I knew that he should be quite used to winning and losing. At the same time, he had spent a few weeks in the national spotlight, and though he had lost games before, he had never lost a game this big.

During the basketball season, I had never pursued any kind of relationship with Mike both because he didn't seem to want that and because I had been explicitly told (threatened really) not to fuck with his head. A whole week passed without hearing from Mike or any of his teammates for that matter, and I started to think about calling him up. I never made the first move when it came to Mike, and I was nervous that it might change things between us.

While debating all of this in my head, I got a phone call from Mike's friend John. John was one of the only people who knew that Mike and I fucked around regularly, and he had noticed a glint of some kind of relationship between us early on. John told me that Mike was pretty much crushed and that no one had been able to get him out of bed. He suggested that I go over to Mike's place to see if I could get him to snap out of it.

I drove over to Mike's apartment and was buzzed in by John, who lived in the same building. Both guys lived in a university owned complex, and the bulk of their building housed male and female athletes. Mike had a single room, and John let me in.

Mike's apartment was decorated in a style that my father once called 'early college.' Hand me down couches, beer posters, and whatever other furniture could be found on the street, punctuated by a few nice items that were probably given to him by his parents. The apartment was messy, suffering from general neglect during the build-up to the tournament and then after the team's elimination. I found Mike in his bedroom, watching TV.

When I walked into the room, Mike looked at me with a crooked sneer on his face. "Jesus, the guys must be desperate to get me out of bed if they sent for you." he said.

"John says you've been laying around for a week." I said.

Mike still hadn't moved a muscle. "Does he think that you're going to lure me out of bed with your dick-sucking skills?" Mike had meant this as a sarcastic remark, but neither of us could keep from laughing.

"Come to think about it," he said, "That might work."

"You gotta get out of bed first." I told him. "C'mon, I'll buy you lunch."

Mike sighed loudly and started to get out of bed, making a big production as he did so. He rose up off the mattress and started to walk toward me. He had an incredibly sexy, just got out of bed look to him. His muscles were soft and relaxed and his hair was messy and just a little oily.

Mike sauntered over to me, doing a kind of sexy walk as he approached, and said, "You sure you want this?"

As he said this he raised his left arm and pushed his pit into my face. Mike smelled rank. He had apparently not bothered to shower in the last week either. His scent was too much for me. I pulled away.

He planted a quick kiss on my lips. His mouth tasted clean. He saw me notice, "I brushed my teeth. I'm not an animal you know. God, I can smell my BO on your face."

Mike walked past me and grabbed a towel off of a hook near his door. He walked into the master bath to clean up. In the meantime, I stripped the sheets off of his bed and, miraculously, found a clean set in his closet which I made the bed with. John walked in while I was making the bed. He congratulated me on getting Mike up. Right around then, the shower water started and Mike called out, "Prof! Are you really going to pass up the chance to shower with me?"

I looked at John, "I gotta go." I smiled in a kind of guilty way. I had sucked John's dick, so I knew he wasn't completely grossed out by man-sex, but it was still an embarrassing moment.

"Take care of him," John said and then he left the apartment.

I walked into the bathroom and found that Mike was already in the shower with the curtain pulled. I started to undress. As I did so, Mike looked out from the side of the shower, "Strip for me." He said.

"Mike . . ." I groaned.

"Do a sexy Professor dance for me." he whined.

I did my best to strip off my clothes in a sexy way. I am a person who takes himself very seriously, and even in a bathroom alone with a guy who has fucked me in almost every way known to man, I was embarrassed to do a strip tease. I finished by kicking my black boxer briefs onto a pile of clothes, and stepped into the shower behind Mike.

Mike was standing like a statue underneath the hot water. Steam was pouring up around me. I could still smell Mike's body odor. I grabbed the body wash from the side of the tub and squeezed some onto Mike's back.

As I rubbed the soap along his muscular shoulders and back, I did my best to massage his muscles. Mike turned to putty in my hands, relaxing entirely into me. My dick started to get hard and was soon pressed against his backside. If Mike felt it, he didn't say anything.

I worked my hands lower and soaped up his ass cheeks. I kneaded his ample gluts with my hands. Mike leaned into me a little bit as I did this. The soapy water ran down his ass crack and I slipped my hand in between his cheeks. I soaped his crack and toyed with his rosebud. I gently ran my finger around it, pressing lightly but making no effort to enter him. Part of me hoped that Mike would push back on my finger, but he didn't respond.

I removed my hands from his butt and squeezed out more soap. I wrapped my arms around Mike and started to wash his chest. As I did this, I hugged him close, both out of necessity and desire. My cock was nestled into the crack of his ass and his muscular back pushed against my pecs.

I brought my hands up his body and rubbed the soap over his muscular, mounded pecs. I gently, almost as if it were an accident, pinched his nipples. Then I brought my mouth to Mike's neck and started to kiss the base of his neck while rubbing his chest. Mike groaned softly and turned his face to the side, his mouth reaching for mine. I stretched toward him and we started to make out over his shoulder, my hands still on his chest, our bodies still pressed together.

This time, our kisses were slow and much more passionate than they had ever been in the past. Slowly, I opened Mike's mouth with my lips and our tongues mingled. Our kisses were inexact because of the difference in our heights. We were licking each other's faces, randomly connecting, and tasting one another as we went.

I moved my hands lower, following the trail of soap to Mike's hard cock. I slid my hand up all ten inches of his dick. When I reached the head of his dick, I felt his hand on mine. Mike pulled back his foreskin and let the water wash away the smegma that had accumulated there over the last week. The sight of his dirty cock only served to remind me how strong and manly he was. It was an intense turn on.

After he had cleaned himself, Mike let go of my hand. I started to slowly jerk him off, letting his hood slide over the head and do all the work. Our kissing continued, getting sloppier and faster as I went. After only thirty seconds of jerking him off, I felt Mike's cock swell in my hand.

Mike's body tensed against mine as he orgasmed. His cock throbbed as waves of cum shot out. I moved my hand to the tip of his dick, to catch whatever cum I could. Even in the warm shower, his cum felt hot against my skin. I brought my cum covered hand up to my mouth and tasted his sweet load. Mike greedily moved his mouth back to mine, sticking his tongue into my cum filled mouth. My cock throbbed against his ass again.

Mike turned around to face me. His cock was still hard, and as he stepped toward me it slid between my legs. As his heart beat, I could feel his cock pulsing and twitching against my balls.

We started to make out again. Mike is an aggressive kisser. He tends to throw his whole body into making out. In the past, I've always been pressed against something when he kissed me. He's sandwiched me against beds, walls, and bathroom stalls. This time, he reached around me with his arms and pulled me into him. I pushed against him. Mike's body was hard with muscles, and I could feel every twitch and bulge as he moved his arms around me.

He used his mouth to open mine, and his tongue invaded my mouth again. I was so overcome with passion that I broke off the kiss and started to kiss, suck, and chew on Mike's neck. He took the opportunity to go to work on my ear lobes.

The more we made out, the hotter I got. I started pressing my cock into Mike's abs, working the head against his body. Mike noticed my movement and dropped to his knees to suck me.

Mike dove onto my cock-head while working the shaft with his hands. His grip was firm and tight as he swirled his tongue around the tip of my dick. I ran my hands through his wet hair, and he looked up at me.

"You gonna give me your cum, Prof?" he asked.

I nodded as I thrust my dick through his tight fingers.

"C'mon stud," he said, "Cum for me." Mike didn't break eye contact, but he stuck out his tongue and started to lick the bottom of my glans. I was so boned up that it was only seconds before my load shot out of my dick and onto his tongue. Mike greedily closed his mouth to eat my load, and the next few shots hit him on the lips and on the chin. I used my fingers to scoop up my cum and feed it to him. As I pushed my load into his mouth, he sucked on my fingers and lightly bit one of them.

He stood up and planted another kiss on my mouth. I could faintly taste my semen on his lips. Mike broke off the kiss and leaned back to let the shower water wash the cummy residue from his face. Mike turned the water off, and we both stepped out of the shower into the bathroom.

When we were both dry, I told Mike to get dressed. I wanted to get him out of the apartment and take him out for lunch. He needed to get his mind off of the end of the season and start to focus on school and everything else.

I drove Mike to a little cafe in the more historic 'downtown' area of our little town. We had lunch together and talked mainly about what he was up to for the rest of the year. Mike admitted that his near total focus on basketball really distracts him from having any other goals. When the season ended, it wasn't just losing that depressed him, but the fact that he didn't really have anything else to occupy his time.

After lunch, I asked him if he wanted me to take him home. Mike wasn't up for that, so I suggested that we go grab my dog and take him for a walk at a nature preserve nearby.

We picked Gunnar up from my house and took him to a park nearby. Gunnar loves being out in the wild, running without a leash, and Mike loved playing with him. There was something almost boyish about him when he was running with the dog, pulling sticks out of his mouth, and wrestling him to the ground. Mike was normally such a serious guy, but out here, in the park, he was a lot more relaxed.

It was a warm spring day and we walked through the woods almost without saying anything to each other. Between the roughhousing with the dog and the moisture from the forest floor, we both ended up a little sweaty and dirty. Mike had slid in the mud a couple of times while wrestling sticks out of Gunnar's mouth, and his white shirt was now smudged with dirt.

When we were both back sitting in the car, Mike looked over at me, "Thanks for doing this." he said. "I needed to get up and get going."

He sat next to me in jeans and a dirty white t-shirt. With his short hair and pumped up arms, he looked a like a porn producer's version of a farm-boy.

I smiled at him, "I like you Mike. Not just your dick, you know, I like all of you. I wanted to help."

Mike might have blushed a little. Then he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder. "I like you too. Today was great." As he said this his hand slid down my arm and he took my hand into his.

He paused for a minute holding my hand. The moment was quickly turning awkward, and I didn't know what to do or say.

"You still like my dick though, right?" Mike asked and pulled my hand over to his crotch, "Because . . ."

His dick was hard and snaking down his leg. I chuckled a little as I put my truck into gear, "You're fucking hard all the time. I think there might be something wrong with you."

He ground his crotch into my hand, "Yeah . . . you wanna check me out doctor?"

"I'm not that kind of doctor." I said.

We joked around as I drove down my driveway. When we got up to the house, Mike sauntered away from the car and walked over to the front steps and sat down. His hard dick stretched the fabric of his jeans.

"You gotta pay the toll if you want to get in." Mike said, smiling up at me like an idiot. The sun was shiny on his face. He looked unbelievably masculine, sitting on the steps, smeared with some mud, legs spread open wide.

"You remember." I said as I walked up to him.

The first time Mike had shown up to my house for sex, he had compelled me to blow him on the front steps before he let me in the house.

Mike grabbed me around my ass and pulled me toward him. He pushed his face into my crotch and started to bite at my dick through my pants. I moaned and pushed my crotch into his face harder.

Mike looked up at me from his perch on the steps. "Hmm . . . you like it when I chew on your dick." he said.

"Fuck yeah, Mike." I replied as he continued to bite down on my hard tube.

With his free hand, Mike reached down into his pants and pulled his dick out of the fly of his jeans. His hard uncut cock was oozing pre-cum.

"Hang on." I said. I took about ten steps back and looked at him.  Mike was sitting there with his legs spread. His big, shiny dick was standing straight up in front of him against his white t-shirt. His short hair was a little messy and his skin was a little shiny. My jaw dropped.

"You like?" Mike asked. He moved his hand in front of him and dipped his finger in his precut. Then he brought the digit up to his mouth and licked it off.

I walked toward him and fell to my knees in front of him. I quickly sucked up what remained of his cock-honey, then pulled his balls out of the fly of his pants. Mike has huge, low-hanging balls, and I rolled them in my hands. I pushed my nose up underneath his balls and inhaled the smell of soap and sweat. Then I took his sac into my mouth and sucked on one ball then the other. I went to work on Mike's sac, giving him the kind of ball job that I knew he loved. Mike, in turn, pushed my face into his balls,  just the way he knew I liked it.

After a few minutes of sucking on Mike's sac, I took the initiative and pulled his jeans down and off. I lifted up his legs and started to lick at his asshole. Mike's hairy buns scratched against my cheeks as I dug my tongue into his ass. The tight ring of muscle tightened around my tongue as I plunged in and out.

Mike's big hands grabbed a hold of my head after only about thirty seconds of the rim job. Mike pulled my head, gently but firmly, up to his mouth and kissed me hard on the lips. He broke away from the kiss and looked me into the eyes and smiled at me.

"I want a taste of your dick, Prof. Turn around." I stood up quickly and pulled off my pants. My dick sprung up and slapped into my abs. I squatted down over Mike so that he could suck my dick while I ate out his asshole.

Mike's hot, wet mouth felt so good on my dick. His tongue work was amazing and his ability to let my dick slip effortlessly in and out of his throat always impressed me. When I took Mike's cock in my throat, I had to control my gag reflex. Mike did not seem to have a gag reflex. His throat just opened and closed at will.

As I tongued his ass, his big dick was hard against my chest. It felt hot, and I could feel it pulse and shift underneath me. The longer I rimmed him, the more I thought about his dick, and the more I thought about his dick, the more I wanted him to fuck me.

Almost as soon as I thought it, Mike seemed to understand. I felt his fingers on my hole. He was gentle at first, but quickly graduated to full on finger fucking. He had one finger from each hand inside me. In addition to the constant thrusting in and out, there was a gentle pressure pulling me open. It was almost like a pliers was opening me up. My ass muscles were being stretched in all sorts of interesting ways, and the sensations were overwhelming.

"Mike," I groaned, "I'm gonna cum soon."

Mike spit my cock out of his mouth, "Not yet, stud." he said. His tongue and mouth started to snake through the pubes and creases at the base of my dick, making out with my crotch as he pulled at my hole.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I groaned, "I need you to fuck me."

I sat up on top of him and turned my body around so that I was kneeling over his stomach facing him. Mike was lying down, and his arms were stretched up over his head. His torso made a perfect V from his thin waist to his amazingly strong upper body. His hairy pits were right there and open for business. I bent down and kissed his nipple and then licked his pit.

"I'm going fuck myself on your stud dick." I said as I kissed him along the jaw.

"I love the way you get off on my body, Prof." he said before pulling me away and pushing me back into a kneeling position. "And I love the way I get off on your body too." Mike squeezed down and his dick popped up behind me and smacked me in the small of the ass as if to emphasize the point.

"I want you inside me." I said. I reached around behind me and grabbed on to his dick preparing to slide it into my ass.

"Hang on." Mike said.

Mike stood up and pulled me to my feet with him. He walked me over to railing of the porch and kicked my feet apart. "I want to do you standing up." he said.

"You just want to be in control." I said, half joking, back to him.

"Please. A dirty slut like you? You want me to be in control," he said as he bit down on my neck. He thrust his body against the my ass. "Plus, I can pound you harder this way."

"Just fuck me, will you?" I groaned. I needed to be fucked. His toying, sucking, and dirty talk had me dying for his cock.

Mike reached down and grabbed his cock. I felt it push against my button, and then he slipped into me. His ten inch dick glided into my ass, pushing my guts out of the way. Mike drove all the way in, and then ground his pubes against me. He started to thrust in and out of me, long and slow.

Mike's mouth was on the back of my neck as he fucked me. The warm spring air felt incredibly good on my body. It was cool enough that we weren't sweating but warm enough that we weren't cold. I was loving it. I turned my face around and tried to connect with Mike's mouth.

Instead of kissing me on the lips he started to suck on my earlobe. With his free hand he reached down and started to rub my abs and pubes. Every so often, he would pull on my cock, but most of the time he just massaged my stomach.

Over the course of the next ten minutes, Mike picked up the pace moving from fucking me slowly to fucking me harder and more strongly. As I pushed my ass out to great his thrusts, I leaned lower over the railing. His kisses had stopped, instead I felt his hot breath, panting against my back.

"Of fuck, Prof." Mike suddenly said, "Here comes my cum."

I straightened up and turned my head to face him. In his ecstasy, Mike stuck his tongue into my mouth. We kissed sloppily as he groaned and panted into my mouth. I sucked back hard as his cum gushed into my body.

Mike's orgasm lasted a solid minute, and he made out with me the whole way through. As soon as he was finished he pulled out of me and turned my body around. Mike dropped to his knees and took my cock deep into his mouth. He sucked and tongued me while pulling on my balls. Within seconds I was cumming.

Mike ate every drop of my cum. He never paused or acted like he didn't want it. As my ass contracted with my orgasm, I could feel his cum start to leak out of my asshole, adding to the overall sensation.

When the last blast of cum left my cock, just as my cock head was getting too sensitive to keep in Mike's mouth, I pulled out and fell to my knees. I put my hand around Mike's, taking his hard, muscular neck into my hands, and pulled his mouth into mine. As we made out his hands came around my back and he pulled my body into his.

We stayed like that for what felt like an hour but was probably only ten minutes, our arms around each other and our tongues exploring each other's mouths. Both of our cocks were soft from the long session, and I loved the feeling of his soft, silky genitals against my own.

Mike and I sat on the porch together, naked for about an hour as the sun set and the air cooled. Most of the time we were silent, but there was some conversation and a little bit of sexy touching. Mostly, we just enjoyed being with each other, outside and in the buff. When it got too chill for us, we moved into the house to make some dinner.
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