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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 2

Excerpt: Jase pushed forward, firmly but carefully, and slowly the head of his dick slipped into Mitch's warm tight ass. Mitch's face contorted and he could tell that Mitch was struggling not to yell out. Every moment, a new muscle in his bro's body twitched and then relaxed. When he had about two inches in, he paused.

"I'm in you baby." Jase cooed, "I'm taking your cherry."

As his body relaxed, Mitch started to enjoy the feeling of Jase inside of him. The cock had stretched him wide, which hurt at first, but now it felt . . . strange. The idea that it was his brother's dick inside of him started to turn him on. His brother and he were now connected in a way that few brothers ever are.

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 2
Cosmic Charlie -

During the days after giving his brother a blowjob, Mitch thought a lot about how much he enjoyed doing it. He was a little confused. Mitch did not think that he was gay, and he did not necessarily get off on sucking dick. However, when Jase took control of him and made him submit, his dick was instantly hard. In the end, he decided not to think about it too much. He was only sixteen years old, and he had a lot of time to figure out what he liked.

Jase, on the other hand, knew exactly what he liked. He liked his dick in his little brother's mouth. Hell, he liked his dick in any mouth. Jase had asked Mitch to suck him off each morning since the night he first shot his load into his brother's mouth. Mitch had not yet complained or shown any sign of resisting, though he did seem to like it when Jase got a little rough with him. He was still spitting out Jase's cum, and that was something that Jase was dead set on changing soon.

While Mitch was practically oblivious to what was going on, Jase was putting in motion a plan he had come up with earlier. When he was complaining to one of his buddies about not getting laid over the summer break, his buddy suggested that he find a guy to take care of his needs. Jase was a naturally dominant personality, his buddy said, and it wouldn't be hard to find a guy to submit to him. Jase had already started looking for a dude to use when he got Mitch to suck him off. Jase never expected that his brother would be the one kneeling between his legs, but he wasn't complaining. Mitch was available all the time, and Jase would not have to work around Mitch's schedule to get laid.

After about a week, Jase decided it was time to take things to the next level. He texted Mitch and asked him to meet for dinner at a local restaurant. There was nothing special about the dinner, though Mitch thought that Jase was acting a little strange. When the waitress came by, Jase ordered for both of them. Of course, Mitch had told Jase what we was planning to order, but Jase told the waitress before she got a chance to ask him.

Throughout dinner the brothers talked mainly about what Jase was doing at college and about how ready Mitch was to get out of the house and grow up. Mitch was ready to break free and really have fun, and Jase assured him that he would get his chance.

When the check came, Jase grabbed it and paid. Mitch tried to leave a tip, but Jase stopped him. Dinner was on him tonight, he told Mitch with a smile.

After dinner, neither guy wanted to go home to hang out with their folks, so they decided to hit up a local batting cage. After Mitch missed three pitches in a row, Jase insisted on helping Mitch out with his swing. He stood behind him and moved in real close, hugging his brother as he gripped the bat. As Jase 'showed' Mitch how to swing, he took the opportunity to grind his hard cock into his brother's ass.

"Hard day at work has me horny, bro." Jase whispered into Mitch's ear.

Mitch tensed up and broke away. "Dude," he said, "You can't grind me in public. You're my brother."

"Sorry, babe," Jase said, "Whenever I see your tight little ass I get a little crazy. You should see the way it bulges when you swing."

"You're such a sleaze ball," Mitch told his brother. He motioned for Jase to take a few swings, but Jase shook his head.

"Let's go home. Your man needs some relief." Jase said as he grabbed at his crotch.

When they got back to the house Jase went straight up to the bedroom, and without even realizing it, Mitch followed him like a dog. Jase sat down on the bed and turned toward Mitch. He spread his legs wide, stretching the fabric of his jeans across his crotch. Jase patted the insides of his thighs and smiled at Mitch.

Mitch sighed audibly, "Jase, I don't know if I want to keep doing to this. I'm getting all confused."

"Come here, babe," Jase said as he patted the bed next to him. Mitch walked over and sat down on the bed. Jase's arm came around his back and slipped into the front of Mitch's jeans. As he pushed his hand into Mitch's pants, he pulled his brother next to him. Mitch gasped as Jase's fingers curled around his hard cock.

"Your dick is rock hard and leaking. What are you confused about?" Jase asked.

"I don't know," Mitch said. "I just . . ."

Jase interrupted, "Don't over think things. Just do what feels right for the moment. What feels like the natural thing to do right now?"

When he thought of it that way Mitch knew that the natural thing for him to do was to get down on his knees and suck Jase's cock. He didn't know what it meant, but he knew it was where he belonged. He slid off the bed and moved in between Jase's legs.

Jase waited, and eventually Mitch made the first move. His hands came up and undid Jase's belt and then unbuttoned the fly of his jeans. Jase just leaned back and relaxed as Mitch kneaded his cock through the denim. Then Mitch opened the fly and pulled Jase's dick out. The ten inch rod stood straight up. Mitch opened his mouth and took the head of Jase's dick into his mouth. He slid his hands up Jase's legs, over the slightly dirty fabric of his jeans, and grabbed onto his brother's shaft. It felt hot in his hands.

In his head, Mitch realized that this was the way things were supposed to be. He loved the feeling of his brother's dick. He loved the smell coming off of his brother's body and the taste of his brother's cock. He didn't need to be told what to do. He inhaled Jase's ball musk freely and pulled back his foreskin to get at his unique taste. Jase didn't have to do anything. He lay back, relaxed, and let his brother nurse on his dick.

Mitch reached down and began to rub his own cock through the fabric of his jeans. He was free balling it, as usual, and the rough denim felt awesome on his cock head. He bobbed up and down on Jase's dick for a minute or two before licking his shaft and then his balls.

Jase loved a good ball-job, and Mitch was getting more and more into giving them. As Jase's egg-sized nuts rolled around in his mouth and their aroma filled his nose, Mitch couldn't help but think of the billions of sperm they contained. Jase's balls were the source of his potency and masculinity. In his mind, when Mitch worshiped Jase's balls he was worshipping the most essential and manly part of Jase.

"Oh god, that feels good babe." Jase moaned. He grabbed onto Mitch's head and pulled him into his crotch. "Suck on my nuts."

Mitch sucked harder and used his tongue more, eliciting more moans from Jase. He reached down and pulled his cock out of his jeans. He started jacking himself off, gliding his foreskin over the head of his dick, as he licked his big brother's junk.

"Get up here," Jase said.

Mitch jumped up onto the bed. In a quick fluid movement, Jase pulled Mitch's jeans off of his body. Mitch was still a little embarrassed to be naked around Jase. When he was in the gym at school, he was one of the hottest most developed jocks around. However, next to Jase, he never felt like he quite measured up.

"Babe, your tiny dick is so hard." Jase said.

Mitch hated this. The fact that Jase had an enormous cock didn't mean that he had a little one. "Jase, quit saying that my cock is small."

"Compared to mine, your dick hardly exists." Jase said.

In seconds, Mitch's dick started to deflate. He wanted his brother's approval so bad, and Jase always seemed dead set on denying it to him. He felt totally rotten and it must have shown on his face.

"Baby, I'm sorry." Jase said, "You're really hot. Look at what you're doing to me."

Jase grabbed his hard dick and shook it at Mitch. The tip glistened with precum, and the veins running down the sides were thick and pronounced. Mitch knew that he was the one that got his brother's dick to look like that, and he would be the one to eventually get it to shoot a load.

"Not a lot of people can get my big dick this hard. Now let me finger your hot ass for you." Jase said.

Mitch flipped over and pushed his muscular bubble butt toward Jase. He reached into the nightstand and got out some lube that he had bought when Jase started to toy with his asshole on a regular basis. He lubed up his hole and tossed the bottle back to Jase.

Suddenly, Mitch felt one of Jase's big paws on his ass cheek, massaging his muscles. Then, a long thick finger slid into his asshole. He groaned in pleasure.

"You like my finger in your cunt, babe?" Jase asked.

"God, it feels so weird. It's so good." Mitch said.

Jase started to fuck Mitch with his finger, pushing in to the third knuckle. Jase moved around while he did this and Mitch felt his brother's hard, leaky cock slide across the back of his calf.

"You got such a hot cunt. You spend all that time at the gym making yourself look manly, but spread your cheeks and you've got a pussy up there." Jase said.

Mitch moaned in agreement. He felt too good to care about what Jase was saying.

"Babe, its so pink and tight. Its fucking beautiful." Jase cooed, "I just can't help myself."

Without warning, Mitch's ass was empty. Before he could protest, he felt both of Jase's hands on his ass. His cheeks were spread open and then he felt something new. Mitch didn't know what was happening at first, but soon realized that Jase was tonguing his asshole. His body was racked with one of the most amazing sensations he had ever felt, and he pushed back hard against Jase's mouth. Jase pulled away.

"Wow, you really like a tongue on your pussy, don't you?" Jase asked.

"That's amazing." Mitch said, "Do it some more."

"Do what?" Jase prodded.

Mitch didn't get what Jase was asking, but then it clicked. Jase wanted him to say the word pussy. Mitch hesitated, but the need to get rimmed won out. "Eat my pussy." he hissed.

Jase's tongue came back and once again Mitch was twisting in pleasure. For a solid minute, Jase licked and tongued his brother's muscle cunt. Then, he started to spit on Mitch's hole and drive his tongue a little way into his ass. Mitch's ring of muscles clamped down on his brother's tongue.

"You're getting pretty excited, babe. Your lips are quivering." Jase said.

Mitch was literally speechless. As he tried to think of something to say, he felt one of Jase's fingers on his asshole again. Jase started to alternate between fingering and rimming his bro's cunt. He would push his digit in and pull it back out before licking and sucking on Mitch's hole.

Jase didn't warn Mitch before he slipped in a second finger. Mitch bucked up underneath him, but Jase held him down and pushed harder.

"Too big," Mitch said as he struggled.

"Relax, your cunt will get used to it." Jase said. With his free hand Jase rubbed Mitch's lower back. Mitch relaxed a little and started to enjoy the feeling. After about a minute, Jase started to move the two fingers in and out of Mitch's ass. He used lots of lube and moved slowly. After another minute, Mitch was moaning again like a bitch in heat.

As Jase fucked his brother's hole with his fingers, he slowly moved the fingers apart, stretching and loosening the muscles. He twisted his fingers around and curled them up inside of Mitch to maximize Mitch's pleasure. Mitch's cock was hanging down, hard as a rock, and leaking precum onto the bedspread. Mitch really wasn't sure what was happening to him, but he knew that he liked it a lot. He began to push his ass back against Jase's hand and hissing the word yes.

Jase pulled his fingers out and took a quick lick at his brother's hole. Then he moved up his back, lightly licking as he went. When he got to Mitch's neck, he bit down hard, causing Mitch to gasp and buck underneath him. Jase brought his mouth to Mitch's ear and started to tongue and nibble on his earlobe. With one of his hands he reached around and tweaked Mitch's nipple. Mitch was moving his body rhythmically underneath Jase, and Jase knew that it was time.

"Yeah, girl." he whispered into Jase's ear, "I think you're ready."

The word ready combined with the feeling of Jase's ten inch, thick cock sliding over the crack of his ass jolted Mitch out of his erotic trance. There was no way he was going to let Jase fuck him.

"No way, Jase." Mitch said as he twisted out from underneath Jase. He sat down on the bed next to his brother, with his asshole firmly underneath him where Jase couldn't get at it.

"Damn, babe," Jase said, "You know when you play hard to get it just makes me hotter."

"Just let me suck you again. I'll swallow your load this time. I swear." Mitch pleaded. Jase was huge, massively strong, and he could take him by force if he wanted to. For the first time since he was a kid, Mitch was a little afraid of his brother.

"Nah, I don't want my dick sucked. Tonight was our third date, it's time for you to put out." Jase said. He rubbed his hand up and down Mitch's thigh gently, trying to calm his brother down.  "Mitch, baby, you're going to love this. I promise."

Mitch's mind flashed back to the restaurant. When he looked back on it, everything made a little more sense to him. Jase ordered the food and picked up the check. He picked out the restaurant and even pulled out Mitch's chair before Mitch sat down. It all seemed so big brotherly at the time, but Jase was taking his brother on a date. The whole situation was too fucking weird for Mitch to process.

Jase grabbed onto Mitch's two feet and pulled him down the wall a little. His well protected asshole was exposed again. Jase shoved his legs apart and said, "Let me at that pussy again."

Jase moved his head in between Mitch's legs and licked at his asshole for thirty seconds. Mitch slowly gave into the feelings and relaxed. Then, Jase pushed a finger back in and played with Mitch's hole.

Jase looked up at his brother, peering straight into his eyes. "Babe, have I ever done anything to hurt you? You gotta trust your man." he said.

Mitch looked into his Jase's eyes. He looked sex crazed but also a little vulnerable. He really wanted to take a crack at Mitch's ass. Jase's finger was still toying with Mitch's asshole and the feelings were really good. Actually they were great. When Jase pushed the second finger in, the initial feelings were painful, but then he loved it. Jase had done a good job reading him and taking care of him thus far, maybe he should just give in and let his bro have his way with him.

Mitch started to turn over. "Please be slow," he said.

Jase grabbed his hip and prevented him from getting onto his stomach. With Mitch on his back, Jase crawled up over his brother and planted a kiss on his mouth. Jase sucked on Mitch's lower lip and tongued his mouth for at least a minute, all while rubbing his big dick over Mitch's crotch and lower abs.

"You make me so happy, bro." Jase said.

Jase reached down and began to position the head of his dick at Mitch's entrance. He smeared some lube onto it and then pushed up against Mitch's hole. To Mitch the pressure was intense. He panicked. Jase's dick was way bigger than his fingers and was going to tear him apart.

"It's too big, Jase." he said.

"Nah, it'll fit. Just relax, ok." Jase was looking him in the eyes as he said this, and Mitch trusted him. "It's going to hurt a little at first, but it will get better."

Jase pushed forward, firmly but carefully, and slowly the head of his dick slipped into Mitch's warm tight ass. Mitch's face contorted and he could tell that Mitch was struggling not to yell out. Every moment, a new muscle in his bro's body twitched and then relaxed. When he had about two inches in, he paused.

"I'm in you baby." Jase cooed, "I'm taking your cherry."

As his body relaxed, Mitch started to enjoy the feeling of Jase inside of him. The cock had stretched him wide, which hurt at first, but now it felt . . . strange. The idea that it was his brother's dick inside of him started to turn him on. His brother and he were now connected in a way that few brothers ever are.

"More." Mitch hissed.

Jase shoved forward and a few more inches of his dick slid into Mitch's cunt. Mitch gasped again, but this time there was some pleasure mixed in with the pain. Suddenly, he wanted it all. He wanted the pain of the initial entry to be over and for the real fucking to begin. He tried to push himself down on Jase's dick, but Jase didn't let him.

"Don't get greedy girl." Jase said. "You've got a lot more to go."

Jase gave him another inch, then pulled a few inches out before thrusting back in. Mitch groaned, and this time, Jase knew, he was enjoying himself.

"You like that? You like my big dick in your cunt?" He asked.

"Yeah Jase, I like you fucking me." Mitch replied.

"You took to my dick real fast." Jase said, "I thought it would take the whole summer to get inside of you, but I had your face in my crotch in days and my dick in your pussy by the end of the first week."

Mitch just groaned. Jase gave him another two inches. About eight inches of his monster were now in his brother's ass. Jase couldn't believe how warm and tight his bro's hole was.

"I'm glad I helped you to discover your inner cock-slut bro." Jase said. "You needed a man in your life and a big dick in your cunt."

Mitch knew that Jase was right. These last few days, he had been figuring out what was missing in his life- someone to take control. Mitch wasn't a leader, he was a follower. And he wasn't aggressive. It struck him how lucky he was to have a real man, a dominant, aggressive, strong man, to show him how to be the best follower he could be. He resolved himself to serve Jase as long as was necessary.

Jase slapped him lightly on the cheek. "What the fuck do you say, babe? I've put a lot of energy into getting you to this point."

"Thank you, Jase." Mitch moaned. He was still getting used to the big dick in his gut. "Thank you for showing me what I needed."

Jase kissed his brother hard on the mouth. As he pulled away, he spit into Mitch's still open mouth. Mitch tasted the spit before swallowing. It was such a degrading thing to do, to let another man spit on you, but his dick throbbed and pulsed between his stomach and his brother's.

Slowly, Jase withdrew his cock from Mitch's ass. He mumbled as he pulled out, "Ah, girl, this pussy is so tight and hot. I've fucked a few virgins, but your cunt is the best I've ever been in."

As the cock slid out, Mitch could feel his insides closing in to fill the gap that Jase's monstrous dick had left. He felt empty. At the same time, the feelings of Jase's shaft sliding out of his asshole and pulling at his ass-lips was amazing. It tickled and tingled at the same time.

Jase roughly shoved his dick back into his brother. A sharp pain tore through Mitch's body. Jase said, "Gonna start fucking you, bro. Hang on."

Jase started thrusting a few inches of his dick in and out of Mitch's man-pussy. His thrusts were quick and sharp. The whole time he looked straight down into Mitch's eyes. As the pain started to mix with pleasure, Mitch's head rolled to the side and his eyes closed. He was trying to just enjoy the feelings going through his lower half. Jase grabbed his face.

"Look at me while I take your cherry." Jase said gruffly.

Mitch looked up at his brother and saw a look of total determination on his face. Sweat was starting to form on his brow and his chest was shiny. Mitch reached up with both hands around his brother's back. What he felt amazed him and turned him on. Muscles. Hard, sweaty, rippling muscles. Every plunge of Jase's dick caused the muscles of his back to bulge against Mitch's hands, and Mitch's whole world dissolved away. He pulled himself up against his brother and started to kiss and lick at his neck. Everything felt so good and so right.

Jase shoved his dick into Mitch, deeper than he had gone before. There was a dull pain deep inside Mitch's bowels as if Jase had run into something. Mitch yelped a little and fell back down onto the bed.

"I did it, babe." Jase panted. "When you started sucking on my neck like a little bitch I knew I did it. You're a cock slut now."

He pulled his dick out of his brother's ass. All the way out. "Look at it." Jase said.

Mitch leaned forward and looked at his brother's dick. It was humongous, jutting out from a patch of dark pubic hair. Jase's balls hung loose in his sack below and his sweaty abs rippled above. His dick was shiny and the veins along the side bulged. Jase's foreskin had slid about half-way down, and a drop of precum was forming on the tip of the exposed head.

"This is your whole world now." Jase said. "Tell me where you want it."

"In my pussy, Jase. Put it back in my pussy." Mitch pleaded.

Jase grunted in approval and drove his cock back in. "Jerk your little dick while I fuck you." he said.

Mitch started to play with his cock. He was only moments away from exploding and wanted to make it last as long as possible. As his orgasm neared, he started to periodically clench down with his glutes. The sensations in his ass were amazing, everything tightened up and all of the sensations were augmented. From Jase's groans Mitch could tell that his brother enjoyed it too.

Almost without warning, his orgasm snuck up on him and his cock started to spew cum. Again, Mitch turned his head away from Jase, but Jase grabbed him and turned it back. Mitch looked at his brother's strong, masculine face as ropes of cum shot out of his dick. He glanced down and saw the cum splatter against both his own and Mitch's belly, creating a slimy mess between them.

"Fuck yeah. Milk my cock babe," Jase moaned. "I'm gonna shoot my boys deep inside of you."

Jase's thrusts became short and sharp as he came in Mitch's ass. It was one of the most intense orgasms he had ever felt and he was sure that he was planting a big load in his little bro. As he came, he collapsed onto Mitch. The spasming body was heavy on top of him, but Mitch loved the contact. Jase literally hugged him tight as he came.

About a minute later, Jase pulled his cock out of Mitch's body. The emptiness, more than anything else, surprised Mitch. He looked at his brother as he climbed off of the bed. His dick was still hard as a rock and curving upward. It was shiny and slimy. Mitch reached down and felt his asshole. It was gaping open and what he figured was cum was running out of it.

Jase wiped his dick off on an old pair of underwear and collapsed onto his bed. He called out to Mitch, "Get yourself cleaned up and come to bed."

Mitch rolled off the bed. Physically he was exhausted but mentally his mind was on fire. Every time he was with Jase, it seemed like the absolutely right thing to be doing, but after it was all over, he felt a little ashamed and doubtful. He had let a man, his own brother, fuck his ass. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that.

Mitch cleaned up quickly in the bathroom then came back into the bedroom. He walked over to his bed and pulled back the covers. "Babe," Jase said, "Why don't you sleep with me tonight. I'm not just going to hump you and dump you."

Without thinking, Mitch walked over to Jase's full-sized bed and climbed in. Jase wrapped his arms around his little brother and pulled him close. Mitch drifted off to sleep like that, feeling completely comfortable but a little worried about being the little spoon.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, Charlie.


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