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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 4

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Jase was still sitting in the chair. He reached out and grabbed onto Mitch's chest, pinching one of his nipples. Mitch groaned.

"You like when I play with your tits, girl?" he asked.

Mitch just moaned again.

"Come here." Jase said.

Mitch stepped forward and stood between Jase's widespread legs. As he gazed down at the bulge in Jase's pants, he felt Jase's mouth on his right nip. Jase licked it a little and then bit down. The nibble was gentle at first, a light toying with Mitch's tit, but then Jase increased the pressure. Mitch gasped and Jase laughed a little. He moved his mouth over to the other nipple, and gave it the same treatment. After a few minutes of tit play, Jase noticed Mitch's cock tapping against his chest.

"This is getting you hot, huh?" Jase asked. "It's getting me hot too."

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 4
Cosmic Charlie -

The following weekend Mitch and Jase's parents went out of town, and Jase decided to throw a party. Mitch didn't invite any friends. He didn't want to ruin Jase's party by inviting a bunch of sixteen year-olds. Instead, he let Jase get a crew of college aged guys and girls together. Jase found someone to buy beer, and when Friday arrived the house was fully stocked and ready.

Throughout the party, Jase included Mitch in everything. He took him around and introduced him to all his friends. Mitch was practically drooling as he goofed around with all of the hot older guys. Jase's friends were all as good looking as he was. They were athletes, tall with broad chests and thick arms. As the party went on, it became clear that they all had one thing in mind: to find a chick to fuck. They would do almost anything to impress a chick, including showing off during drinking games by taking their shirts off. Mitch gazed at the tanned bodies and thought about what it would be like to feel them, rub them, and suck on their nickel sized nipples.

Late in the evening, a girl came up to Mitch while he was in the kitchen. She was about twenty years old, blond, and dressed kind of slutty. Mitch had watched all the guys at the party pursue her at some point.

"You're Jase's little brother right?" she asked. She was standing close to him.

"Yeah."  Mitch said.

"You're cute," she said with a laugh. She put her hand on his hip and slowly took his hand in hers. "How old are you?"

"Uh, sixteen." Mitch said.

The girl took his hand and brought it in between her legs. She rubbed his hand up and down over her crotch.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" She asked.

"Uh, not all the way," Mitch said.

Now she brought his hand up and ran it over her big boobs. Mitch felt her through her shirt. He had felt up plenty of girls before, but this girl had the firmest tits he'd ever touched. He moved his hand back down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy.

"You wanna go upstairs? I could be your first,"  she whispered in his ear while grinding her pussy against his hand. She kissed his earlobe and bit down a little. "I'm really good."

"Uh, I don't know." Mitch said.

The girl stepped back a little. "Ok, you think about it, little brother," she grinned. "You find me later when you make up your mind."

Mitch stood in the kitchen trying to process what had just happened to him. Why the fuck hadn't he said yes? As he caught his breath, the door opened and Jase's friend Matt walked in.

"Hey girl," Matt said with a big smile. He looked a little drunk. Mitch marveled at the sight of the blond hair, blue eyed stud. Like Jase, Matt exuded masculine energy, and Mitch was in awe of him.

"Hey," Mitch said.

"Did that girl just ask you to fuck her?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," Mitch replied.

"She's fucked most of our little brothers. It's kind of her kink. What did you tell her?" Matt prodded.

"I said I didn't know," he said.

"Why did you say that?" Matt asked.

"I don't know." Mitch said.

Matt walked over to Mitch and stood close to him. Mitch could smell the whiskey on his breath and a little bit of spicy cologne. "You still don't get it do you?" Matt said quietly, "Here, let me help."

Matt grabbed on to Mitch’s hand and shoved it into his crotch. He moved Mitch's hand up and down over the bulge in his pants. Matt's crotch was warmer than the girl's and lumpier. Mitch felt his own dick begin to thicken.

"You like that cock, girl?" Matt asked.

Mitch nodded.

"You wanna go upstairs with me? I know Jase wouldn't mind." Matt said. His mouth was close to Mitch's face, and Mitch felt his hot breath wash over him.  Matt ground his semi-hard cock into Mitch's hand.

"Uh, I'd have to talk to Jase." Mitch said.

"Maybe you could just suck me a little." Matt said. He brought a hand to Mitch's shoulder and pushed him down to his knees. There was no resistance from Mitch. When he was on his knees in front of Matt, he pushed his face into Matt's crotch. He didn't need any provocation from Matt, he just went for it. He chewed Matt's dick a little from the fabric, and smelled his scent. Matt smelled different from Jase. Mitch couldn't say how but it was definitely a different smell.

Suddenly Matt put his hands into Mitch's pits and lifted him back to his feet. "Get away from my dick, before your brother sees us and kicks both our asses."

Mitch stood in front of Matt, and Matt rubbed his shoulder a little. "Let me break it down for you, Mitch. You didn't say yes to that chick because she can't fuck your pussy. It's that simple. You've got a gaping cunt between your legs and it craves cock. You don't want to fuck, you want to be fucked. You don't want a girl, you want a man. The sooner you get that through your head, the sooner you'll really be able to make men happy with that tight cunt you've got. Trust me."

Mitch was a little stunned. Matt had laid it out for him in a way that Jase never had. Matt walked away, saying, "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go find that chick and fuck her. You got me all hot. I might even think of you while I drill her."

Mitch wandered into the party. After a few minutes, Jase came up to him. "Hey bro, stay out of the bedroom for a little while. Matt took some chick up there."

"What?" Mitch asked.

"I said he could use your bed. Where else was he supposed to go?" Jase grabbed onto Mitch's ass and gripped it hard, "Not like you sleep in it anymore."

Jase then pulled on Mitch's shoulder, "Come over here, I want you to meet someone."  Jase took Mitch over to a well-built black man. Mitch recognized the guy from the gym that he worked out at. He thought the guy might be a personal trainer or something.

"Mitch, this is Darrell, he works out when you do." Jase said.

"Hey man," Mitch said.

"Darrell's seen you in the gym a lot and was wondering how you're body's coming along." Jase said.

Mitch didn't really know what to say, "It's going good."

"Bro," Jase shot back, "Take off your shirt and show him how good it's going."

With all the protein shakes and lifting that Jase had Mitch doing, he was already getting some definition in his chest. He was in good shape when he started, so it didn't take much work to make changes. He pulled off his shirt.

"Nice," said Darrell as he brought a hand down on Mitch's chest, "You got good bone structure. You keep working out you'll have an awesome chest."

"Thanks," Mitch said.

"And fuck man, you're ass is looking good to." Darrel said as his hand slid over Mitch's ass cheek, which was thankfully still covered in his jeans. "This might be the vodka talking, but that is one fine ass."

Jase leaned over and whispered into Darrell's ear. Slowly, a big grin grew across Darrell's face. Darrell kept his hand on Mitch's ass but started to massage the flesh underneath his jeans, "Girl, girl," Darrell moaned, "You got a taste for cock?"

Mitch's face turned beet red and he started to pull his shirt back on. He just wanted to get away.

"Fuck Jase," Darrell said, "With an ass like that, you better keep her on a leash. Every guy in town's going to want to take a turn."

Jase put his arm around Mitch and pulled him away from Darrell. As he pulled Mitch over, Jase slid his hand into the back of Mitch's pants. They were standing against the wall, so no one could see.

"They should. She's got the hottest pussy in town, and it's all mine." Jase said, "Ain't that right babe?"

As Jase said this last sentence, he slipped a finger into Mitch's ass. His cunt instantly started to pulse around the finger. "Babe?" Jase said.

"Yeah, that's right," Mitch groaned.

The three guys kept talking for a few more minutes, before Matt walked over to the trio.

"That didn't take long," said Jase with a laugh.

"I'm efficient." Matt said. "I want to take a different chick home tonight. I had to leave some time so I could woo her."

Everyone laughed, including Darrell. Matt walked over to Jase and Mitch. "I left you a present upstairs, girl." Matt said in a low voice that couldn't be overheard by Darrell. "I think you'll like it. That is, if Jase takes his fingers out of your cunt long enough for you to find it."

Mitch couldn't figure out how Matt knew that Jase was fingering him, and the puzzlement must have shown on his face.

"Your little clit is hard and tenting the front of your pants. Plus. you're practically grinding yourself against his hand." Matt said matter of factly.

Matt whispered something to Jase, and Jase withdrew his finger from Mitch's ass. He looked at Mitch, "You can go upstairs. I'll finish playing with your pussy later. Make sure you clean up when you're done."

Mitch ran upstairs and went to their bedroom. Jase was starting to get drunk and he'd already told one stranger about Mitch. Mitch didn't want him telling anyone else. It would be bad enough if people found out that he had a thing for cock, but he couldn't think of what would happen if everyone knew that he was Jase's girlfriend, basically a pussy for his brother to use.

The bedroom reeked of sex. It was a smell Mitch recognized from times when Jase had brought home a girl. It was a combination of a woman's perfume, latex from the condom, sweat, and cum. Mitch went over to his bed, which was all messed up. He lay down and smelled the fabric. He could smell Matt's body. He imagined Matt fucking the girl on his bed. His cock got hard as he thought about Matt's naked body flexing as he drilled the girl's pussy. Mitch wanted nothing more than to strip down and jump into the bed. He would think about Matt with the girl as he pulled on his cock. His mind was full of visions of Matt fingering her pussy, eating her out, and then finally plunging his cock into her.

Mitch stripped down and pulled back the covers. There, laying on the sheet, was the 'present' Matt had told him about. A condom full of a massive load. It was tied off on one end and still slimy.

Mitch picked it up and, without even thinking, sucked it into his mouth. The outside of the condom tasted, unmistakeably, like pussy. The taste didn't turn Mitch on at all. But thinking about Matt's dick sliding in and out of her did. He pulled the warm rubber out of his mouth and started to undo the loose knot that Matt had tied. As soon as he opened the rubber up, he peered in at Matt's load. It had not liquified yet and was still chunky and warm.

Mitch stuck his tongue inside and dipped into Matt's cum. He sucked a little into his mouth and then drizzled some over his chest. Finally, he slid the condom over his own hard cock. Matt's cum ran down his shaft and pooled in his pubes. He did this all automatically. He didn't really think of any of it.

He savored the taste of Matt's cum. It was salty and more watery than Jase's. One hand was on his dick, and with his free hand he rubbed Matt's load into his chest, spreading the cum over all of his muscles.

The stink of the cum surrounded Mitch. His mind was going 100 miles a minute. He was thinking about Matt drilling the chick on his bed, then Matt drilling him, then Jase, then Jase fucking Matt. The images flashed before him as he fucked his fist, lifting his hips off the bed. He settled on the image of Matt getting fucked by Jase. He replayed, in his mind, the flexing of Matt's abs and Jase's ass as Matt got fucked missionary by his brother. He could see the sweat running down Jase's back and the pleasure on Matt's face.

Mitch lost control and started to shoot his load into the rubber. His body convulsed and spasmed as his balls expelled his semen. He groaned loudly and tossed on the bed. It was one of the best orgasms of his life.  At least five blasts of cum filled the condom and more of it ran down into his trimmed bush.

The whole experience was overwhelming. Before he had a chance to recover and clean up, Mitch drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

"Wake up girl." A voice said.

Mitch woke up suddenly. His visual field was covered by Jase's crotch, who was straddling him on the bed. Mitch didn't immediately know what was going on, and he struggled against the weight on his face. For a moment, Jase just responded by pushing down on his brother's face and grinding his junk against Mitch's mouth. As the smell and the texture of Jase's junk slowly soaked in, Mitch realized that the thing in his face was Jase's dick and he started to calm down.

Jase chuckled, "That's right, girl, it's only my cock. No need to freak out." His voice was thick from the whiskey and beer.

Jase slid back a little bit and looked down at his brother. He grinned before drooling a little bit of spit into Mitch's mouth. Mitch licked it up.

"You should have seen yourself when I came in, bro." Jase said, "Matt's condom still on your dick, your chest shiny with dried cum, and the biggest fucking smile ever on your face."

Mitch remembered the whole experience and his dick started to get hard again. He felt the cum filled rubber clinging to his soft cock.

"I might have to teach you some control," Jase said, "I mean, monogamy’s not really my thing, but I can't have my girl running around like a dog in heat."

The whole time, Jase stroked the side of Mitch's face. Mitch suddenly felt guilty about fantasizing and lusting about Matt. Jase was his man, the man who had taught him to appreciate another guy's body and cock.  He shouldn't have jerked off thinking about Matt, not to mention the way he totally perved out with his cum-filled rubber.

"I'm sorry, Jase," Mitch said.

"Girl, it's ok. Matt asked if he could leave you his nut." Jase cooed. "I just wanted you to realized that you're hot for cock. You gotta stop fighting it girl."

When Mitch looked up, he saw Jase's bulge, then his rock hard, rippling abs, and then his handsome face. His nostrils were filled with the heady odor of Jase's crotch. He knew Jase was right. He had to stop fighting it.

"I will, Jase," he said.

Jase pulled Mitch's head up and pushed it into his crotch. "Good girl." he said, "What were you thinking about when you played with Matt's load?"

"Lots of things. Mostly you fucking Matt." Mitch said.

"You like the thought of watching me fuck, don't you?" Jase said, then, "Well, sorry, but you aren't going to see me fuck Matt. If you're lucky, someday you might get to see me high-five him after we tag-team your cunt."

While he said this, Jase kept Mitch's face in his crotch. He finally lifted his body off of Mitch and stood next to the bed.

"I need some relief, but you need to take a shower first. I'm not into the stink of another man's cum." Jase said.

Mitch bounced off to the shower while Jase sat down in a small arm chair. Jase was happy about how far Mitch had progressed. Just a few weeks ago, Mitch would never have thought about sucking Jase's dick, now he was calling his asshole a pussy and bending over whenever Jase asked.

Still, he was a little dismayed when Mitch told him what he had fantasized about while playing with Matt's condom. Mitch had fantasied mostly about Jase, he said, but what Jase wanted him to fantasize about was getting fucked by Matt and Jase. Despite all of the work Jase had put in, Mitch still fantasized about getting off rather than about getting a man off. Deep down, he was still thinking like a man - about his own pleasure rather than about the other guy's pleasure.

Maybe Jase was too traditional, but he knew that if Mitch was going to make a man happy, then he had to stop thinking about himself. His main source of pleasure shouldn't come from working his dick, but from getting another dude off.  If Mitch couldn't get past thinking about his own cock, he would never really be able to make a man like Jase happy. Jase had to help him.

Mitch walked into the bedroom after showering. He was bare-ass naked. Jase liked the way his body looked. Mitch had some nice definition and he had started to take care of his pubes and body hair. Jase didn't need him to shave, perhaps Mitch would start doing that on his own at some point, but he did want Mitch to do extra things to impress him every day.

Jase was still sitting in the chair. He reached out and grabbed onto Mitch's chest, pinching one of his nipples. Mitch groaned.

"You like when I play with your tits, girl?" he asked.

Mitch just moaned again.

"Come here." Jase said.

Mitch stepped forward and stood between Jase's widespread legs. As he gazed down at the bulge in Jase's pants, he felt Jase's mouth on his right nip. Jase licked it a little and then bit down. The nibble was gentle at first, a light toying with Mitch's tit, but then Jase increased the pressure. Mitch gasped and Jase laughed a little. He moved his mouth over to the other nipple, and gave it the same treatment. After a few minutes of tit play, Jase noticed Mitch's cock tapping against his chest.

"This is getting you hot, huh?" Jase asked. "It's getting me hot too."

Jase grabbed Mitch's hand and pulled it down into his crotch. Mitch felt the hot, hard, dick between Jase's legs and the moist heat rising out of his crotch. When Jase pulled his hand down, he moved Mitch's whole body and their mouths were now close. Jase took his free hand and pulled Mitch's mouth to his. He kissed Mitch full on the lips, driving his tongue in and sucking Mitch's lip as he pulled away. Jase was starting to hump his cock into Mitch's hand.

"Oh babe, I gotta cum so bad." Jase moaned as he broke of the kiss. "All those chicks at the party, and all I could think about was getting my dick in your hot cunt."

Mitch hadn't thought about it until then, but Jase had the pick of the litter at the party. He could have fucked any of those girls, and, in fact, they had been hanging on him all night. Jase chose Mitch, and a burst of pride flashed over Mitch's face.

"That's right, girl. I waited for you."

Mitch was still holding onto Jase's dick, and he fell forward against Jase's body. The hard muscular arms wrapped around him, and Mitch started to lick and kiss Jase's neck. The smell of Jase's cologne washed over him as he licked at the hairline on the back of Jase's neck. The whole time he continued to work Jase's dick.

Jase pulled him away and quickly kissed him on the lips. Then, Mitch felt some pressure on his shoulders.

"Alright, babe, I need your mouth on my dick." Jase said.

Mitch opened up Jase's boxers and pulled his dick out. It was huge and dripping with precum. The foreskin had slid back and the engorged purple head was shiny. Mitch took a lick and let Jase's flavor wash over him. Then, he dove down on the cock, taking as much into his mouth as he could. He ran his tongue down the shaft and then back up. The sheer size of Jase's dick always impressed him. It literally covered his face. As he licked on the shaft, Jase worked the head and vice-versa.

Jase raised his hips and slid his boxers off. His big balls slipped out onto the chair. Mitch didn't need any instructions. He sucked one of Jase's nuts into his mouth and began to suck. As he did this, Jase maneuvered his head so that the upper-part of his face was buried in the pubes at the base of Jase's cock. The musky scent that collected there drove Mitch wild. Jase knew that crotch sweat was like cat-nip for guys like Mitch. The more he sucked in, the more he would fall in love with Jase's junk.

As Mitch continued to suck his nuts, Jase leaned forward. He saw, to his dismay, that Mitch had a hand on his little cock. Jase pulled it to his mouth and sucked on the fingers. When they were good and slimy, he let go.

"Leave your little dick alone. Play with your pussy, girl." Jase said.

Mitch reached around and started to  touch his asshole. He rubbed a finger over the hole and continued to lick Jase's sack.

"C'mon, babe, finger your cunt for me." Jase said sternly.

Mitch slipped the finger into his asshole. Jase notice that Mitch replaced the hand on his cock with his other hand. He reached down and grabbed his brother's free hand and pulled it up to his chest. Mitch started to fondle Jase's pecs, while he sucked. Jase continued to make sure that both of Mitch's hands were occupied.

Jase could tell that Mitch was getting off from the finger in his ass. It only took his brother about 30 seconds to slip a second finger in. In addition to fucking himself, Mitch was pulling at his ass lips, stretching and tickling them. Mitch was moaning loudly now, not from Jase's attention, but from the attention he was giving himself. Jase leaned back in the chair. He lifted his legs and put them on a small table.

"Go lower, babe." Jase said.

Mitch started to lick the skin around the bottom of Jase's sack. Jase tasted sweaty and his masculine aroma was most intense under his nuts. Mitch pulled and toyed on his asshole as he licked the skin. For a few moments, while Jase's balls muffled Mitch's moans, all Jase could hear was the wet sounds of his brother's face in licking his taint. It was such a dirty, nasty sound.

Jase lifted his legs higher, "Keep going, girl. Lick my asshole."

Mitch never thought that he would be licking another man's ass, but right now he would have done almost anything that Jase asked. He stuck out his tongue and touched Jase's hairy hole. The muscles pulsed in response. Mitch threw caution to the wind and just dove in. He ate his bro's asshole like it was the last ass on earth. For a second, he thought it was like eating pussy, but then he realized that it was not at all like that. Jase's muscular legs were wrapped around him and his ripe smell was plastered all over his face. This was no pussy. No girl could take control like this, with muscles, smells, and fluids. This was a man's asshole, and Mitch was falling in love with it.

Just as he was really getting into eating Jase's ass, Jase pulled Mitch's mouth upward a little. He let go of Mitch's head just when Mitch's face had risen enough to make eye contact.

"Lick my crack while I jerk off." Jase moaned and then tilted his head back. Jase started to jerk on his monster cock. As he pulled on it, his balls bounced against Mitch's face. Mitch closed his eyes and let Jase's egg-sized nuts slap into him and spread over the bridge of his nose. He continued to tongue Jase's taint and to reach his tongue down to his asshole whenever he could. Within seconds, Jase's body tightened and he started to nut.

Semen shot like a geyser from Jase's cock. Five or six thick ropes blasted about a foot in the air before splattering over Jase's abs. Jase's eyes were still closed, but he was pushing downward against Mitch's face. His cum was thick, and it was one of the biggest loads Mitch had ever seen. As his orgasm subsided, Jase let go of his cock. Still hard, it slapped down against his thigh with a wet thud.

"Fuck," Jase exhaled, "I always cum buckets when I'm drunk."

Mitch felt the hard, slimy dick touch his forehead, and knew that he had to have the cum. He pulled his face away and started to kiss his way over Jase's cock to the puddles of his bro's DNA that had gathered in the valleys between his abs.

Jase moved away, "Get up on the bed, bro" Jase said as he started to stand.

Mitch jumped up on the bed. As Jase stood, he scooped the cum off his abs and into his left hand. With his right hand, he reached between Mitch's legs.

"Let me at your cunt," he said as he pushed Mitch's legs out of the way.

Quickly, Jase shoved three fingers into Mitch's pussy. Mitch groaned from the flash of pain and the pleasures that followed it. Mitch started to finger him. He worked the asshole slowly at first, but then started to move more quickly.

"You like my fingers in your cunt, girl?" he asked Mitch.

"Fuck yeah, Jase. It feels so good."

"Cum for me." Jase ordered.

Mitch reached for his cock, but Jase quickly blocked his hands.

"No way girl," he said, "Don't use your cock, use your pussy."

Mitch struggled against Jase's arm for a minute and then relaxed. Jase's fingers started to jackhammer his hole. His dick was hard and leaking, but he still couldn't imagine cumming just from what Jase was doing.

Jase knew that Mitch would struggle and had prepared. "Here," he said, "This will help." Jase took his left hand, which was coated in cum, and slapped it down on Mitch's face. He slid the cum over Mitch's lips and nose, before cupping his hand over his brothers mouth.

Mitch had been focusing on the feelings in his ass, but now he was licking Jase's cum and inhaling the harsh fumes. His tongue went into overdrive trying to scoop every drop of Jase's seed out of the crevices on the hand that was covering his mouth. The fingers in his ass just added to the pleasures of eating Jase's load.

"Come on, bro." Jase said to him, his voice firm and impatient, "Cum for me. Cum like a chick. Prove to me that you've got what it takes to be my girl."

Mitch started to feel the stirrings of an orgasm in his dick. He reached down again, but this time, his hands went past his cock and he grabbed onto Jase's wrist. He pushed and pulled at the hand that was driving in and out of his asshole.

"Yeah, baby." Jase said. "You can do it. Cum for me."

Mitch inhaled deeply. The stink of Jase's ass and cum short circuited his brain. Suddenly, he felt his dick begin to spasm. At the same time, Jase felt the muscles around his fingers clamp down.

"Oh yeah, girl. You're doing it. Next time it will be my cock, think of that." Jase sounded excited and happy for his brother.

Mitch's cock started to leak cum and then finally released a flood of spooge. The orgasm felt different to Mitch. It seemed to last longer and was more drawn out. Instead of being quick and intense, it was slow and steady. It was like Jase's fingers were milking the cum out of his cock. He bucked his hips up and down on Jase's hand as he came. Finally, the orgasm ended and Jase stopped drilling him. He took a deep breath with Jase's cummy hand still over his mouth and nose. The orgasm had given him a total release, and he felt like he was going to pass out.

"Yeah," Jase cooed, "That's my girl."

Jase removed the hand from Mitch's mouth and dipped his fingers in his brother's cum. Over the course of the next minute or two, he slowly fed Mitch his own cum. When he was finished, he lifted Mitch off the bed and took him to his own. He wrapped his body around Mitch and rubbed his fingers over his brother's cum-moistened abs as they both fell asleep.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you liked it. Charlie -


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