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Pucked 6

Hey guys. I posted part 6 to my story Pucked on yesterday. Check it out.

Excerpt: He pulled my face into the crotch of his shorts and made a big show of humping my face in front of everyone else. The rough fabric of his shorts hurt my face, but as he was humping me I got to huff his crotch stink. The guy smelled really good. Clean but sweaty. I was going to enjoy this.

Chase reached into his pants and pulled his dick straight up so that the top inch or so was sticking out of his waist band. His dick was cut, and the head was thick. I guessed it was around seven or eight inches long. The top was shiny with precum.

"Go ahead and lick it." Chase said.

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Pucked, Part 6
Cosmic Charlie -

Last time: Luke was traded to five guys from the baseball team to settle a flip cup debt. The baseball jocks are allowed to take him for one night and basically do anything they want with him.

I was led by the five men to a big Ford Expedition that was parked out on the street. Two of the guys jumped into the front and one jumped into the back. I was left in the main back seat with two guys. One of them was the guy who had brokered the trade at the party. He was a strong, big guy, probably around 6'1. He had a square jaw and a very pronounced five o'clock shadow. Underneath the back of his cap, some of his brown hair curled up. On the other side of me was a baby-faced Latin guy. He had removed his cap and his hair was cut short. During all of the conversation that night, I hadn't heard him say more than three words.

"Rios, feed him your cock while we figure out where to go," the guy on my right said.

"What do you mean?" the Latin guy asked.

"Jesus," the guy looked at me, "Fag, take care of Rios' cock while we figure out where to go."

Rios was hot as hell. He had a smooth, sexy face and solid body. His dark hair and carmel colored skin made him the real life image of tall, dark, and handsome. I didn't need much more encouragement. I opened up his shorts and slipped down the waist band of his boxers. He didn't move at all, neither in anticipation or resistance. He had a trimmed patch of black pubes and his dick was still soft. His long foreskin hung at least an inch past the head of his cock. I sucked his soft cock into my mouth and started to suck on it. I did my best to slip my tongue into his foreskin to get at his sensitive head. Within seconds, his dick started to thicken in my mouth.

While I sucked, the leader, who I heard someone else call Chase, and the driver discussed where to go. They came to the conclusion that their team locker-room would be best, because no one would hear what was going on.

"How's he doing Rios?" asked the guy sitting in the backseat.

"Really fucking good." Rios panted.

"I can't wait to get my dick into his mouth and ass," the guy said.

I glanced up at the dude, who was hanging over the seat back. He looked huge, probably around 6'2". His bulging arms and chest stretched the fabric of his t-shirt. He also had dark skin and was possibly Latin, but he was much burlier and masculine than Rios.

"You gotta go last Tony. I don't want your sloppy seconds." the guy in the front passenger seat called out. Everyone else laughed.

"You hear that fag? After you take a ride on the Italian stallion no one is ever going to call your cunt tight again." Tony laughed. "I'm gonna stretch you out good."

The thought of taking a really big cock turned me on, but I was completely focused on Rios' dick. The stud had pulled his balls out of his pants, and I was working on those now. While I sucked his nuts, Rios mumbled incoherently and rubbed his seven inch dick against the top of my head. The other guys seemed completely oblivious to or unaffected by the fact that one of their teammates was getting blown just feet away from them.

I felt the car stop, and Rios pulled my head away. He looked down at me and smiled. It was a big, toothy smile, and I knew that if the other guys wouldn't have ribbed him for doing so, he would have said thank you. We walked into the locker-room through the weight room, which the members of the team had keys to. After a quick check to make sure no one else was in the building, the guys surrounded me near a bench along a bank of lockers.

"How do we play this?" asked the guy who drove. He was a little shorter than the rest and had a smaller build. My guess was that he played catcher.  He had dark, cropped hair and dark eyes.

There was a chuckle, and I think I heard one of the guys mumble, "He would know," but then Chase stepped in and said, "Get your cloths off."

I stripped off my t-shirt and then my jeans. When I grabbed onto the waist band of my boxer briefs, Chase stopped me. "Keep those on. I don't want to see any more cock than I have to." There was a general murmur of approval. My own dick was rock hard and tenting out the front of my pants. Chase stepped forward and put his hand on my shoulder. Before he pushed me to my knees, he looked down at the tent in my shorts which had brushed his thigh. "God, you really get into this, don't you?" He didn't wait for me to reply before he pushed me to my knees.

He pulled my face into the crotch of his shorts and made a big show of humping my face in front of everyone else. The rough fabric of his shorts hurt my face, but as he was humping me I got to huff his crotch stink. The guy smelled really good. Clean but sweaty. I was going to enjoy this.

Chase reached into his pants and pulled his dick straight up so that the top inch or so was sticking out of his waist band. His dick was cut, and the head was thick. I guessed it was around seven or eight inches long. The top was shiny with precum.

"Go ahead and lick it." Chase said.

I leaned forward and licked the tip of his dick. His hard, hairy abs were right in front of my face. I took his precum into my mouth and tasted it. I felt like everything was happening in slow motion, and I wanted more. I did my best to take the head of his dick into my mouth. As soon as I got it in, Chase slipped his shorts down to the floor, and I had access to his whole cock. He had a thick bush of curly pubes above his dick, and I was dying to plant my nose in them. I opened my throat and plunged down. His cock slid easily into my throat and my nose touched the base of his dick. His smell filled my nose, and he grabbed onto the back of my head.

"God," he moaned. "Oh man. No chick has ever done that to me."

He slowly humped his cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged occasionally and would have to pull off, but I did a pretty good job of keeping him in my throat. After a few minutes, I slid off. When I looked up, there were five dicks above me. None of the guys were wearing pants anymore, but all of them still had shirts on.

With five dicks in front of me, I actually got to appreciate how different penises are. Chase had a decent sized dick, that was thick and slimy with precum. Rios' cock was rock hard and his foreskin had retreated. His head was shiny and dark. The driver's dick was also hard and stood out from his body about six inches, but it was twice as thick as Rios' dick and also uncut. The dude who rode in the passenger seat, who had dark skin, had a long, maybe seven inch dick, that was pretty skinny. He was rock hard and his cock curved upward. A long trail of precum was dripping to the floor. And then there was Tony, the Italian stallion. His dick was still soft, but it hung down at least six inches and a thick foreskin covered the head. Menacing veins ran down the sides. When I looked up at him, he smiled at me and winked.

I had died and gone to fag heaven.

I turned my head and took the driver's dick into my mouth. Almost as soon as I had gotten at it, the guy who had been riding in the passenger seat pushed his dick toward my face. I did my best to take both cocks in my mouth, but eventually had to give up, so I started to alternate between the cocks. The driver was content to just let me do my job, but the passenger would roughly thrust his dick into my mouth whenever he got the chance. While going between the two, my face was getting covered in their dick slime and the smell of male musk.

About once a minute, sometimes less, sometimes a little more, my head would get jerked off of one cock and pulled onto another. I lost track of who I was sucking most of the time. I could tell when I had Rios' dick in my mouth because of his skin color and, like most uncut guys, he had his own taste. Otherwise, I spent a good ten minutes gasping for air as my mouth was passed around. My hair got messy and their was drool and God knows what else running down my chin and neck.

Suddenly I felt a hand, a big hand, on the back of my neck. It pulled me up to my feet. As I turned around I saw Tony standing there. His dick was now semi-hard, but still wasn't up and drooling like the rest of the guys. Tony walked me over to the wall and pushed a bench up against the lockers without saying anything. Then he sat down and opened his legs.

"Go for it, fag," he commanded.

Tony's inner thighs and groin were covered in dark hair. His cock, now probably around seven inches, hung down toward the floor. Behind it sat two egg sized nuts. His balls hung low in his loose sack. I didn't know where to start. I got down on my knees and crawled toward his crotch. The warm, moist air hit my face and I started to smell his stink. He smelled sweaty and a little ripe.

I stuck out my tongue and licked at his balls. As I curled my tongue under his sack, I lifted the skin. His nuts were heavy and tasted salty. As I sucked on his nuts and licked at the skin around his scrotum, Tony's dick started to get hard. At full mast, it looked to be almost a foot long. It was the most intimidating dick I had ever seen. I ran my tongue all the way to the tip. The foreskin had peeled back, and I licked up the tangy slime that had collected underneath his skin during the day.

Tony moaned loudly, "We got to get ourselves a cock-sucker like this one boys. I can already tell he's in love with my dick."

I took the top few inches into my mouth and started to suck and slurp on his cock. With only a quarter of his length in my mouth, it already felt full. Not only was Tony long, but his dick was really thick. He rubbed my hair roughly as I went down on him.

Tony reached behind him into an open locker and grabbed a baseball mitt. He slipped it on and then used his gloved hand to pull my face into his groin and abs. His dick slipped out of my mouth, and I tongued his body instead as he cradled my skull in the mitt. The wide webbing of the mitt gave him total control over my head, and it smelled of leather and dirt.

I turned my head away from Tony's body and started to lick the mitt itself. The leather was worn and darkened in the center. I ran my tongue over the pocket and around the leather braiding. Tony pulled his hand out of the mitt and shoved his paw into my face.

"You wanna lick something, you can lick this." he said.

I sucked each of his fingers into my mouth. The smell of his hand was incredible. It reeked of the musty inside of the mitt - a strange combination of sweat, leather, and dirt. I stopped licking and just started to smell his hand as he ran it over my face, gripping and grabbing me face.

"You like the way my glove smells, don't you?" Tony asked me.

I nodded in return.

"Dudes," Tony called out, "This guy's the real deal. He's just sniffing my hand. He's that turned on by the smell of my glove."

"Check it out," Chase said. Tony's hand was pulled away and a piece of hard plastic was shoved over my face. "Get a whiff of that, you piece of shit. I've been wearing that cup for a couple of weeks now."

My eyes opened wide as I realized that I had Chase's nut cup over my mouth and nose. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick at the plastic. Chase noticed my tongue peaking out through the ventilation holes.

"Man, the fag is licking it." he said. Chase took out his phone and started to take pictures of me. "I'm sending these to Ben."

A minute or two later, both my and Chase's phones buzzed. He picked mine up and held it in front of me. The text read, "I showed these to the guys. We're all laughing at you." Chase read his out loud. It said, "It looks like you're figuring out how the fag's brain works."

I grabbed my phone from Chase and quickly replied to Ben. I texted, "Thank you."

Ben texted me back immediately. One word: "Slut."

Chase pulled the cup away from my face, and I tasted fresh air again. It was cold against the part of my face that had been covered. "Kiss my feet." Chase commanded.

I bent down low and started to kiss the tops of Chase's feet. As I did, he lifted his foot and moved his toes into my mouth. The guy had long toes and big feet. I sucked each toe into my mouth and made sure to run my tongue into the gaps between each toe. WIth his other foot, Chase did his best to rub the sole against my face. He didn't have a lot of control, and he would press hard and then ease up.

"Roll him over." I heard another voice say.

"Fag, roll over." Chase said. I immediately rolled over onto my back. I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful sights of my life. Three sets of hairy, strong legs, leading up to three dark and sweaty sets of junk. Above me hung six balls and three big dicks. Chase looked down at me for a minute, then said, "Fuck you."

He pulled up a big loogie and spit into my face. He brought his foot down and rubbed the spit all over my face and into my hair. I stuck out my tongue and licked the bottom of his foot as the other guys watched and laughed. I wanted to jerk myself off, bad, but I knew that the hazing would get worse if I pulled out my cock. Plus, once I touched myself I would shoot my load, and then I would have to take care of these guys without the advantage of being ridiculously horny.

I felt something hard touch my cock and then some pretty serious pressure. It felt like needles or something were being driving into me. I moaned and Chase let up the pressure on my face. I looked down and saw a big foot wearing a black Nike cleated shoe standing on my dick. When I looked up, I saw the familiar face of the catcher. He had a big grin on his face, and his thick cock was hard and still dripping precum.

"Come over here and lick my cleats, fag." he said.

I rolled on to my hands and knees and crawled over to the guy, whose name I still didn't know. His shoes were dusty from the field and had some mud in the cracks. I started to lick them. I was trying my best to make Ben proud and to impress the catcher, who was really cute.

As I licked up the dirt from his shoe, he took his other foot and stepped down on my shoulder and the back of my neck. The cleats pushed into my flesh, and I collapsed onto my stomach. The concrete floor was freezing cold against my skin. The guy kept just enough pressure on me to keep me down without cutting into my body. After I had gotten most of the dirt off of his shoe, he switched and had me lick the other one. I had only just started, when Rios stepped back into the picture.

"Guys, you think he would eat my ass?" he asked. "I've never gotten a girl to lick my asshole before."

"He'll do what you tell him to do, Rios." Tony said.

"Oh," Rios said, "Come lick my ass." His voice was weak, like he was unsure if he really wanted me to do it.

The catcher still had me pinned down to the floor, and he was showing no signs of letting me up. I wasn't going to struggle against him. In bringing out the cleats he'd already shown he had a rough side.

Chase walked over to Rios. "Listen, a dude like this needs to be put in his place. He's like a dog, and you need to show him that you're the boss. Tell him again."

"Hey fag," Rios said. This time his voice was strong and assertive. "I told you to eat my asshole."

I struggled a little against the foot on the back of my neck, to at least show Rios I was trying. After about thirty seconds of that, with the cleats biting into my skin, the catcher let me up.

Rios sat on the edge of one of the benches and let his ass hang out and over. I crawled to him and stuck my face up underneath his balls. He had a hairy crack, and I licked the sweat out of his ass pubes before getting to his puckered hole. When I touched his hole with my tongue, his whole body raised up.

"Oh, fuck that's good." he said.

Rios leaned back and gave me better access to his asshole. I felt a hand, I don't know whose, on the back of my head as I was roughly pushed into Rios' trench. I licked and sucked at his hole, occasionally pushing a little ways into his butt. When I did that, Rios would moan loudly. I could tell that he liked the pressure on his butt-hole. He ground his ass down into my face, pressing his ballsack against the bridge of his nose. When I opened my eyes, all I saw was skin and pubes.

Without warning I felt a hard slap on my ass. It stung and I pulled away from Rios' hole in surprise. Rios grabbed my skull and slammed it back in. There was another, harder, slap.

"I want that ass nice and red before I drill it. " The voice belonged to Tony. "If you want my cock, you better make it easy for me to spank it."

I raised my ass and pushed my stomach down. Tony responded by spanking me again. The stinging now lasted long after the slap, and I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Tony spanked me again, and I fell forward, my face dropping to the ground. The new position had my ass high in the air and my chest flat against the concrete.

"Look at him presenting his ass to you, Tony. He wants your cock bad," the catcher said. I felt a hand on my ass, and then a finger was shoved up into me. The finger was curled around a little bit. I heard the voice of the catcher again. "Fuck, that's a hot, tight ass. I think I gotta fuck it."

"Hang on. If we fuck him now we'll cum in like a second." Tony said.

I had gone back to licking Rios' asshole, taint, and balls. He was jerking off his own cock while I ate him out.  "I'm going to cum in a second either way," Rios said.

"Here dude, cum in this." Chase said.

About a minute later, Rios started to cum. As his body convulsed, he slid off of the bench, and most of the weight of his body was on my upturned mouth. I locked my mouth onto his asshole and tongue fucked him as he came. His ass rhythmically clamped down on my tongue and then relaxed. Through his entire orgasm, he twisted and mashed his ass against my face. When he was finished he stood up, leaving me in between his legs.

"Holy shit," Rios moaned, "If his ass is half as good as his mouth, we're in for a treat."

As Rios walked away, Tony's big legs came into view. He pushed me to the floor with one of his feet and said, "Fag, lick my feet while I jerk off."

I licked the top of Tony's feet. While I licked one foot, he would step down on me with the other. Within seconds, Tony was groaning. As he came, he shifted his weight a lot and stood up on the balls of his feet. As he stepped away, I looked up and saw him pass Chase's nut-cup to the passenger of the car. They were cumming into his rank cup. My heart skipped a beat. I wanted that cum.

Each of the other guys used my mouth as they blew their loads into the protective cup. The passenger pulled on his long dick while I licked his feet. The cup got passed to the catcher who blew his load in about ten seconds before I could get my mouth on his hairy nuts. Chase shoved my face into his crotch, but told me that I couldn't lick him. I just sat with his sweaty sack underneath my nose and his pubes against my forehead as he jerked off.

When Chase finished cumming, he passed the cup back to Tony. He looked down at me with a sneer. "Go dump it out, Tony." Chase said. Tony just grabbed the cup and started to walk away.

I looked up at Chase. For the past five minutes I had been salivating at the thought of drinking those loads, and now he was going to dump it out. Chase was smiling at me with a sadistic, authoritarian look on his face. I knew he was testing me. He really wanted to see if I was everything Ben said I was.

"Wait," I said.

Tony stopped and turned around. "Wait for what, fag?"

"I, uh . . ." I hesitated. "I want that."

"You want it?" Tony asked, "What for?"

"I want to drink it. Please let me drink it." I said. My eyes alternated between Chase and Tony, who were looking at each other. The other guys were standing around with their mouths open as they watched the scene unfold. "Please, I want your cum so bad."

"What do you think Chase?" Tony asked.

"The fag doesn't deserve it." Chase said.

"That's obvious." Tony replied. "Still, it would make a good vid to send to Ben."

"Yeah. It'll make Ben happy. Let's let him have it." Chase gave in.

My heart jumped. I crawled over to Tony and looked up at him with my mouth open. He stood over me, with his huge semi-hard cock dangling down and his massive, hairy calves in front of me. He was like a god waiting to pour nectar into my mouth.

"You're such a dog." said Tony as lowered the cup to my mouth and started to tip the lip downward into my mouth.

The smell of Chase's raunchy ass and crotch was mixed with the harsh, chlorine smell of the cum. The corner of the cup touching my lip was the part that reached under his nuts. Tony tipped the cup and poured some of the cum into my mouth.

I swished the watery liquid around in my mouth before swallowing it. The flavor of the five guys' sweet juice washed over my tongue. I looked into Tony's eyes and stuck out my tongue, making it clear that I wanted more.

Tony tipped the cup again. This time it all came at once. A big gob of thick cum rolled over the lip of the cup and into my mouth. I used my tongue to move the cum around in my mouth, pushing it underneath my lips and over my teeth.

As I savored their taste, my dick started pulsing in my pants. For the second time in my life, I was having a hands free orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I swished the cum around in my mouth. As my first shots of cum spewed out into my briefs, I swallowed the load five loads. When my orgasm ended and I caught my breath, I proudly opened my mouth to show Tony that I had eaten it all.

"Holy shit guys," the catcher called out.

He walked over to me and roughly shoved me back to the ground. With one hand he yanked open the fly on my pants and pulled the fabric back. The big wet spot in my dark underwear was visible to every one.

"The fag fucking came while he drank our nut," the catcher said.

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," said Rios.

Chase looked down at me. "Ben was right about you, you're a pathetic cock hound through and through." He spit on my face.

"Be nice," Tony said while laughing. "He can't help it."

Tony took the cup and put it over my nose and mouth. The last bits of cum ran down the sides and into my mouth. The smell of cum was overwhelming. I licked up all that I could and took deep breaths through my nose. I wanted to make sure I would never forget this.  Tony pulled the cup away and tossed it across the room at the guy who was riding in the passenger seat. The guy reached out to catch it, but as soon as he felt the slimy plastic, he dropped it to the floor.

"Fucking sick." he said to Tony. "You're an asshole."

Tony just laughed. The guy came over and wiped his fingers on my hair before lunging at Tony. Tony didn't move an inch. The guy was clearly trying to intimidate the big Italian, but it was not going to work. He walked away and sat down on the bench across from me.

"All right guys," Tony said. "You better have a go at his ass cause he's going to be useless after I tear him up."

Even though everyone had just shot a load, I saw their dicks twitch as they readied themselves to invade my ass.

Thanks for reading guys. I'll get to some piss and anal scenes in the next part. Hope you liked it - Charlie.

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