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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 3

Here's part 3 of my story Big Bro's Girlfriend

Excerpt: "Babe, my dick is really hard, and I need to get off. You want me to fuck you? Are you in the mood now?" Jase said.

There was a strange sort of dominance in Jase's voice which Mitch had noticed before. Jase didn't need to tell people what to do, he just put them in the mindset to want to do what he wanted. It wasn't just with sex, he could do this with almost anything. It was like a Jedi mind trick, and Mitch wanted to figure out how he did it.

"Oh fuck, yeah man, fuck me." Mitch mumbled.

Jase rubbed the head of his cock against his brother's hole.  He pushed the tip in just a little bit, so that Mitch would feel his cunt stretching to greet it. His precum oozed over the hole, and he slid half of the head of his dick into Mitch before pulling back out.

"You want my ten inch man cock in your pussy? Do you have a cunt that needs to be filled?" Jase asked.

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 3
Cosmic Charlie -

Note: Thanks for all the emails guys. The response to this story has been amazing, and some of your notes were really hot. Hope you like this one as much as the last two.

When Mitch walked into the house after his shift at the hardware store, Jase was already home and spread out on the couch. A baseball game was playing on TV. Mitch was not a huge fan of baseball, but like Jase, he was willing to watch almost any sporting event that was on.

"Hey babe," Jase called out.

"I take it mom and dad are gone then." Mitch said.

Mitch and Jase had been screwing around for two weeks now, and both had been really good at not giving their parents any reasons to suspect anything. Of course, their mom had noticed that they were getting along better than they probably ever had, but Jase never would have called Mitch babe if he thought their folks could overhear.

"They're having dinner with some friends." Jase said. "I'm watching the Dodgers."

Mitch walked over to the couch and sat down a foot or two away from Jase. He was exhausted and just wanted to relax.

"Why are you sitting so far away, baby. You mad at me?" Jase asked.

"Nah," Mitch said as he slid in closer to his brother. Jase wrapped his arm around Mitch and pulled him toward his body. Mitch was now leaning against Jase, whose right hand was rubbing his shoulder and arm.

"Long day?" Jase asked.

"It was ok. You know, work." Mitch replied.

"It was so hot out today. We were laying sod at that new church. I must reek." Jase said.

Jase was right. He did reek. As soon as Jase lifted his arm to pull Mitch in, Mitch smelled the stink rising from his pits. It wasn't a terrible smell, but Jase's sweat had eaten through the deodorant he had put on that morning. Jase stretched out his whole body and pulled Mitch in closer. As he did, Mitch gazed at the matted hair in his pits, and Jase's t-shirt rose up to reveal his abs. They were so tan and so firm. Mitch would have killed to get a stomach like that.

Mitch felt Jase's hand snake down his back and into the waistband of his khakis. Jase started to massage his buttocks, pulling on the cheek as he squeezed the flesh underneath. Occasionally, he would move his hand up to Mitch's hip, almost as if he was going to reach around for his cock, but then he returned to his ass. Jase kept up the slow massage as he directed his attention back to the baseball game.

Mitch couldn't help but be impressed with the way his brother could instantly sexualize a situation. Jase didn't ask for sex. Instead, he just created a situation, through small moves like this one, that made another person want sex. Oddly, it was his restraint and calmness that gave him so much control and made him so dominant. Mitch's dick was getting hard, and he knew that within minutes he would be sucking Jase's cock. With tricks like these, it was no wonder that Jase got so much pussy.

Jase grabbed onto his cock through his loose, dirty jeans. He rubbed his dick for a few seconds, then went back to watching the game. He did this three or four times. Each time he acted like it was no big deal, but Mitch was watching and starting to lust for the big dick that was snaking down Jase's pant leg. The contact seemed to help release some of Jase's crotch odor. As Mitch lay against his brother, the smell of his man slowly washed over him.

"All that hard work gets me so horny." Jase said. He pulled his hand out of Mitch's pants and rubbed his shoulder gently with a little bit of forward pressure. "Why don't you help me out, bro."

Mitch didn't have to be told. His brother had wooed him into submission, and he gladly accepted the cock he was being offered. He unzipped Jase's jeans and pulled out the semi-hard dick. Already about six inches long, it flopped out onto Jase's abs. Moist heat was rising from Jase's bush. Mitch reached down lower and pulled out his bro's balls, letting all of Jase's sweaty junk air out. Over the course of a minute, he rubbed his bro's abs and watched as Jase's cock hardened, all the while smelling his brother's intense manly smell.

Jase put some pressure on Mitch's shoulder and brought his face down to his balls.

"Lick em a little." Jase said.

Mitch lapped at the sweaty nuts, using his tongue to pull them into his mouth and then sucking on each ball. He loved the way the balls slipped around within Jase's sack, and Mitch got off on sucking them in and out of his mouth.

"Yes," Jase hissed as he bucked up and pushed his crotch into Mitch's face. He pulled his balls out of Mitch's mouth but kept Mitch's head in his crotch. He looked down at Mitch and Mitch looked straight into his eyes.

"You're starting to get into this, aren't you babe?" Jase asked.

Mitch nodded. He didn't need to think about it any more. It still felt weird to him, but he knew he liked sucking Jase's cock.

"I was hoping to get a warm mouth and pussy for the summer, but I got myself a real cock whore." Jase said, "Girl, I see the look in your eyes when you smell my nasty balls. You're a real slut."

Jase slapped Mitch's forehead a few times with his cock and then pushed his dickhead into Mitch's mouth. Mitch dove his tongue under Jase's foreskin and cleaned up the day's sweat and precum. To him, the taste under Jase's hood was like the stink in his pits. It was one hundred percent Jase, and Mitch felt like he was getting a taste of the man's true essence.

"Oh god, that's a good girl." Jase moaned as he rubbed his hands on the back of Mitch's head. "Keep going."

Mitch continued to blow his bro while Jase's palm slid down his back and toward his pants. Jase slipped his hand into his brother's pants and went straight for his asshole. He tickled and toyed with Mitch's man-cunt as Mitch sucked on the head of his dick.

"You got a real hot pussy, bro. This gash was made for big cocks." Jase said while looking down at his brother. Mitch was making eye contact, but he still had Jase's dick in his mouth. "That's why you're so good with your mouth. You gotta get a man horny enough to fill your cunt."

Mitch rubbed his ass against Jase's fingers in response. He really just wanted Jase to slip a digit into him. He wanted to feel a big, rough finger push its way into his guts.

"Look at you. Big dick in your mouth, grinding your ass against my finger," Jase said to his brother. "You love it, don't you girl? Man, I am one lucky stud. A hot snatch like this is going to see a lot of cock, but I got first crack."

Jase's dirty talk had a strange effect on Mitch. At first, Mitch tried to resist what Jase was saying. He thought that all the talk about being a girl and having a cunt was just a game that Jase played to get off. But the more Jase said, especially when Mitch had Jase's dick in his mouth or ass, the more he believed that it was true. He did have a tight pussy and a hot mouth, and he should use them to please real men like Jase. That was the way things should be.

"Ok girl." Jase said while panting, "I'm gonna cum now. This time, I want you to keep it in your mouth and swallow it. Got it?"

Mitch nodded. Jase moved his hand onto his cock and started to jerk the bottom five or so inches while Mitch sucked the rest. His dick swelled up in his hand, and he started to shoot his load. Jase did his best to resist the urge to drive his dick deep into Mitch's mouth. He was sure that that had been his mistake in the past, so he held back and kept only the top couple of inches in Mitch's mouth as shot after shot of hot cum exploded out of his dick.

Mitch did his best not to back off as Jase's seed filled his mouth. The salty flavor was familiar to him by now, but he couldn't believe how much cum Jase could shoot. His loads were double, sometimes even triple the size of his own loads. Mitch let the thick, goopy cum pool up in his mouth. He tried not to move his tongue, because it was the texture that grossed him out. He was completely determined not to spit the load out.

Jase's body relaxed as his orgasm ended. "Alright girl. I want you to swallow it." Jase said.

Mitch paused. He wasn't sure he could do it.

"Babe," Jase said. His voice was serious and stern, "I need a girl who will swallow my cum. If you're not going to do it . . ."

Mitch closed his mouth and swallowed. The thick load ran down his throat and became a part of him. A little bit of Jase was inside of him now, and his body would use it to feed itself and build new muscles. The thought of his body using Jase's load as food got Mitch's cock hard. It made him hungry for more.

Jase grabbed onto Mitch's head and pulled him up against his chest. He rubbed Mitch's hair roughly, like their uncles used to do when they were kids. "Good job, bro." Jase said.

Jase tucked his dick back in his pants and continued to watch TV like nothing had happened. Mitch was torn between really wanting to jerk off and just wanting to stay next to Jase. Staying where he could maintain constant body contact with his bro and smell the aroma of Jase's body were worth forgoing an orgasm. They sat like that for a while. Then, during a break between innings, Jase jumped up and ran upstairs to their room. He came back down carrying a small bag.

"I got you these." Jase said.

Jase thrust the bag into Mitch's hand. Mitch reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of underwear. The only thing he noticed was that they were really small.

"Jase, I think these are for a chick." Mitch said.

"Nah, they're man panties. They're for guys like you. Trust me, I checked."  Jase said with a smile. Mitch knew his brother well enough to know that Jase wasn't trying to embarrass him, but was actually really excited about the underwear. He was like a little kid who was hoping against all odds that the gift he bought would be appreciated.

"C'mon, try them on." Jase said.

Mitch dropped his pants and pulled on the 'man panties.' As Mitch unfolded them, he realized that Jase had bought him a thong. He couldn't imagine his stud brother going into a store, probably a sex store, to buy them. They were made out of see through, sheer, olive green mesh. Mitch pulled them on. The fabric stretched over his bulge and some of his pubes hung out over the top. The back of the thong separated his butt cheeks and really made his ass look good. As he moved around in them a little bit, Mitch started to like them. They made him feel sexy as hell.

"Thanks Jase." Mitch said.

"You really like them?" Jase asked.

"Yeah, they're hot," he replied.

"No shit they're hot. You should see your ass, babe." Jase grabbed Mitch by the hips and pulled him over to the couch so that his rear end was in front of Jase. Jase ran his finger down the crack of his ass and said, "That strap does a perfect job of framing your bubble butt and hiding your pussy."

Jase moved the back of the thong away and looked at Mitch's hole for a second. He ran his finger over it before turning his brother back around. He touched the bush that was spilling out over the top.

"You gotta do something about your pubes, bro." Jase said.

Mitch nodded.

Jase stood up and took a few steps back. He looked his brother over from top to bottom. "Babe, I've been thinking, and don't take this the wrong way. I'm really good looking, maybe a ten, but you're still a little scrawny. If you're going to be my girl, you gotta take better care of yourself." Jase said.

Mitch's heart dropped a little. All the attention from Jase felt great, but now Jase was comparing his body to Mitch's again. Of course Mitch seemed scrawny next to Jase. Jase was a fucking adonis.

"I'm going to take you to the gym, starting tonight. We'll have your muscles bulging in no time." Jase said.

"Seriously? You're going to workout with me?" Mitch exclaimed. This was something he had always wanted. He wanted his big brother to show him how to be hot like him.  Going to the gym with Jase, who obviously knew how to throw around the weights, was a dream come true.

"Yeah," Jase said. "Not every day, I mean, I get a pretty good workout at work. But I'll coach you."

About a half an hour later they were in the car on their way to the gym. Mitch had traded his new thong for a pair of boxer briefs, but Jase insisted that he bring the thong along with his clean clothes. They pulled into the gym, both wearing grey t-shirts and nylon shorts and set to work. As they moved through the exercises that Jase wanted Mitch to perform, Mitch couldn't help but notice all the hot guys in the gym. He couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with him. The hot blond on the treadmill, whose tits were bouncing up and down, didn't do anything for him. The blond guy on the bench doing presses, on the other hand, had his dick hard. Every time a new guy walked through the weight room, Mitch would glance between their legs to check out the size of their packages. It was his new obsession.

"Hey, eyes up here," Jase said as he tried to explain how to do a bench press. Jase stood over Mitch to spot him while he lifted. "You want to stare at something, look at this."

Jase pulled the leg of his shorts open, and Mitch could see his cock and balls dangling down. Mitch was practically drooling as he did his reps, and his dick was getting hard. After they finished they headed into the locker-room to take a quick shower.

Mitch was relieved to find the showers empty. He couldn't take seeing a naked man right now. He was too confused about everything. Of course, he did get to look at Jase's naked body, but that felt different to him. The two brothers showered and then walked back to their lockers. The blond guy from the weight room was standing at a locker not too far away.

Mitch gave the guy a once over. He had short blond hair and was wearing a sweaty wife-beater and gym shorts. His arms were incredibly well developed. Both of his forearms were thick and veiny. As he gazed at the guy, Mitch could tell that he had rippling, smooth abs underneath the tight cotton shirt. His eyes still glancing over at the blond guy, Mitch started to get dressed. When he reached for his boxer briefs, Jase grunted and shook his head.

Hearing the grunt, the blond guy turned around and saw the brothers. "Hey, Jase, what are you doing here?" the guy said. "I would have thought you worked out enough at work."

"I'm teaching my bro here how to lift. He's got some good definition, but I'm trying to build up his ass and chest." Jase said. He turned to Mitch, "Mitch, this is Matt. He's one of my buddies from college."

"Hey, Mitch," Matt said. "Jase has told me a lot about you. So he's got you building up your glutes?"

"Yeah," Mitch said. The whole time, he was standing there wearing only the see-through thong. His junk was clearly on display. Matt was now a lot closer to him, and the man's body was seriously turning him on. His dick was starting to push against the fabric of the thong, and the last thing he wanted was for it to pop out. As he turned to try to hide his cock, Matt got a good look at his ass.

"I don't know," Matt said, "That's a pretty fine ass."

Mitch felt Matt's hand on his butt cheek. His cheek was kneaded in the hand before Matt grabbed onto his hip and turned him around. When Mitch turned, Matt was standing right in front of him. Matt's hand rose up to Mitch's chest and roughly worked each of his pecs. After he rubbed the little bit of pectoral muscle Mitch had, he tweaked his left nipple. The flash of pain sent waves of pleasure to Mitch's dick.

"I see what you mean," Matt said looking at Jase, "her tits need some work."

"Yeah. I need something to grab onto when I fuck her from behind." Jase said.

Mitch couldn't believe what he was hearing. Why the fuck was Jase talking about fucking him with this guy who Mitch didn't even know? He didn't want people thinking he was gay. Plus, he and Jase were, well, brothers. He panicked and glanced at Jase, who looked completely unphased by what had just been said. Matt also looked like finding out that Jase was fucking his younger brother was the most normal thing in the world.

Matt looked at Mitch, "Man, when I told Jase to make a dude into his girl for the summer, I had no idea it would be you." Matt said, still rubbing Mitch's chest. "He tell's me you've got a golden pussy between those legs."

Matt reached behind Mitch and ran his hand down his back. He started to reach underneath the waistband of his thong, but Mitch twisted his body and got away.

"Show some respect Matt. You can't just finger her cunt in the middle of the locker-room." Jase said. He grabbed Mitch and pulled him against his body. As Jase's big muscles touched Mitch's skin, his anxiety dropped. Jase made him feel safe, even in this bizarre situation.

Jase looked right into Mitch's eyes, "He's right though. You've got the sweetest cunt I've ever fucked."

"You're hot too. Those panties really show off your ass." Matt chimed in. He reached down and grabbed his own cock beneath his shorts. "You ever get tired of Jase's dick, let me know, and I'll show you how a real man treats his girl."

"Fuck that. The last time you saw what I'm packing between my legs, you cried for a week." Jase said.

Matt laughed and walked away. Jase started to put on the rest of his clothes, and Mitch followed suit. When they were both dressed, they made their way out to the car. When they got in, Jase turned to Mitch and said in a serious tone, "You should work out every day. And look, I know there's a lot of man candy in there, but keep your legs closed. Got it?"

"Yeah, Jase," Mitch mumbled quickly. "I mean, I'm only doing this with you, you know. I'm not into guys."

"The fuck you aren't. Your little dick was hard the whole time we were working out. I don't care if you're gay or straight, but you've got a taste for cock." Jase said.

"Whatever," Mitch said looking away.

"What if I told you that when we get home, I'm gonna call Matt. He's gonna come over and fill your pussy with his cum. I'm going to hold you down against the bed and press my muscles against your body, while he fucks you stupid." Jase said. Then he reached over and grabbed Mitch's now hard cock.

"See, I think you like the idea." Jase said.

They spent the rest of the car ride in silence until they pulled into their parent's driveway. When they got up to the bedroom, Mitch started to undress to go to bed. When he came back in from the bathroom, Jase was lying on his bed naked. "You want me to fuck you?" Jase asked.

"I'm not sure I'm in the mood." Mitch replied.

"No problem, babe, just come over here so we can cuddle a little." Jase said.

Mitch crawled into bed and sidled up next to Jase. Jase wrapped his arms around his bro and kissed him hard on the mouth. They made out for a minute or two before Mitch pulled away and lay his head down on Jase's chest.

Mitch had to admit that he loved this. He loved the feeling of Jase's chest against his cheek. He could actually hear his brother's heart beating. The big, muscled arms that were wrapped around him made him feel completely secure, and the soft cock that was pressing against his lower abs turned him on. He nuzzled his nose through Jase's short chest hair.

"Babe, did I freak you out today at the gym?" Jase asked.

"Maybe, a little." Mitch said.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to show you off." Jase said. "Come up here."

Mitch moved up Jase's body, and Jase kissed him again. His kisses were conciliatory, and not nearly as aggressive as they usually were. He slid his tongue into Mitch's mouth and cradled his head as he mashed his lips against his brother's.

As they made out, Jase slid his hand down Mitch's back. He massaged Mitch's ass with his hand while keeping Mitch's mouth pressed against his own with the other. Slowly, he approached Mitch's asshole with his fingers, slipping them under the thin piece of fabric that covered his prize. Jase slipped a finger in, and Mitch groaned into his mouth. Slowly, Jase fucked his brother with his finger, pushing in to the second knuckle and then pulling out. He could feel Mitch's cock harden against his body.

"You gonna let me have a taste of that pussy?" Jase asked.

"Uh huh." Mitch said as he moaned. The first time Jase had fingered his asshole, it was like he found a switch inside of his body. Whatever mood Mitch was in, if you stretched his cunt a little, with a finger, tongue, or cock, he was instantly in the mood to get off.

Jase lifted his brother off his body and jumped off of the bed. Mitch's legs were hanging over the edge. Jase lifted the legs up onto his broad shoulders and dived in. He stuck his tongue into his bro's muscled ass and licked at his hole. Jase grunted as Mitch's ass muscles twitched and pulsed around his tongue.

Jase pulled away, "Fuck, that is the hottest hole I've ever seen."

Mitch looked down at Jase and smiled. It was his way of saying thank you.

"God, girl, the way your pussy lips play with my tongue. It's unbelievable." Jase moaned as he dove back in for another lick.

Jase's dick was rock hard now and pressing against the edge of the bed. He reached down and scooped some of the pre-cum off of his dick with a finger, then pushed his finger into Mitch's mouth. Mitch licked all the precum off the finger and then sucked down and started to tongue it like it was a dick.

"That's it girl, lick up my juices." Jase said.

"I love the way you taste, Jase." Mitch moaned in reply.

"Babe, my dick is really hard, and I need to get off. You want me to fuck you? Are you in the mood now?" Jase said.

There was a strange sort of dominance in Jase's voice which Mitch had noticed before. Jase didn't need to tell people what to do, he just put them in the mindset to want to do what he wanted. It wasn't just with sex, he could do this with almost anything. It was like a Jedi mind trick, and Mitch wanted to figure out how he did it.

"Oh fuck, yeah man, fuck me." Mitch mumbled.

Jase rubbed the head of his cock against his brother's hole.  He pushed the tip in just a little bit, so that Mitch would feel his cunt stretching to greet it. His precum oozed over the hole, and he slid half of the head of his dick into Mitch before pulling back out.

"You want my ten inch man cock in your pussy? Do you have a cunt that needs to be filled?" Jase asked.

"Yeah Jase, fill my cunt with your big dick. Wrap your arms around me and drill me hard." Mitch said.

"Get down on the floor. I want to mount you and fuck you like a dog." Jase said.

Mitch jumped off the bed and onto the floor. He got down on all fours and lifted his ass to face Jase. He shoved his chest down and waited for Jase to pounce on him. Jase slipped up behind him and grabbed onto his ass. He pushed the tip of his dick up against Mitch's hole and took a deep breath.

"Brace yourself, bro, I"m in the mood for a rough fuck." Jase said.

Jase mounted his brother and slid all ten inches of his meat into Mitch's ass. He grinned as he watched his brother's hungry pussy devour every last inch. Mitch gasped and was breathless for a minute. Jase had never entered him so quickly, and the pain took his breath away. Jase's hard cock pushed aside his insides as it invaded his bowels, and there was a dull pain when Jase bottomed out deep inside of him. Without pause, Jase withdrew his long dick until only the head remained.

Mitch was panting. The withdrawal left him feeling empty and it pulled at his ass lips in a way that drove him crazy with lust. Jase massaged Mitch's ass cheeks. He loved the feeling of Mitch's warm hole. He hadn't told his brother, but this wasn't the first man pussy his dick had been in. In any case, it was the best pussy he'd every found on a man or a woman. The way the muscles twitched and milked his cock proved to Jase how much his brother was into his dick and his body.

Jase had watched Mitch looking at him for a couple of years now. He knew how he lusted after his muscles, his looks, and his attitude. He couldn't make Mitch into a man like him, but he could make him into the perfect mate for a man. In his mind, that was his goal - to make Mitch into the perfect partner for a real man.

He plunged back into Mitch, starting to fuck him with hard, deep thrusts. He put both of his hands on his brothers ass as he drilled Mitch. The front part of Mitch's body collapsed from the forward motion, but Jase grabbed onto the ass and kept Mitch upright. Mitch grunted with each thrust and tried his best to push back against his brother's dick.

"Oh fuck, babe, oh fuck. Your cunt is milking the cum out of my cock," Jase moaned.

Jase slowed down a little and started to take long, slow thrusts. Each time he reinserted his dick, he moved a little bit. The different angles caused new sensations in every part of Jase's body. His dick was the hardest it had ever been, and Mitch's warm chute was driving him wild. Jase's hands were still on his hips, pulling Mitch's ass back onto his dick as hard as he was thrusting forward.

"God. You're so tight girl." Jase said in a half whisper.

Jase collapsed on top of Mitch, pushing his ass down to the ground. All of Jase's body now covered his brother, and Jase started humping Mitch hard. His ass rose and fell with the short, quick movements. Mitch could tell that his brother had been taken over by lust and was trying hard to get his nut. Jase moved his face to Mitch's shoulder and bit down on him while he humped his ass. Mitch gasped and turned his head toward Jase. Jase moved to kiss him, but never really connected. As he pounded his bro, he just panted into his mouth.

"I'm gonna cum Jase. I'm gonna shoot."  MItch said.

"Yeah," Jase said, "You like your big bro's dick in your pussy? Shoot your load while your man is inside of you."

Mitch didn't need encouragement. His dick was rubbing against the carpet, and he started to spew his load onto the floor. As he did, he bucked up a little so that he could drive his cock into the floor. Jase pushed in deep when Mitch lifted his ass, and the added sensations brought him close to orgasm. He raised his body and grabbed on to Mitch's ass and drilled him hard as Mitch's ass convulsed from the orgasm.

Mitch's whole body spasmed as he came. He could feel the sticky cum blasting out in between his body and the carpet. His abs were covered in cum and he could only imagine what the floor looked like. His asshole spasmed as his body spewed his cum, and Jase's cock pulled and pushed at his ring.

"Fuck girl, your cunt lips are driving me crazy." Jase moaned, "Your quivering snatch is amazing."

Jase pumped into Mitch a few more times, then Mitch felt the hands on his hips grab on tight.

"Here comes my load, girl. I'm gonna plant my baby makers deep inside your cunt." Jase said, "My boys are going to be swimming in you all night."

Mitch felt his asshole expand as Jase's cock swelled. With each pulse of cum, Jase plunged deeper and deeper into his ass. The way Jase was pulling him back and hugging his body, he felt like Jase was trying to climb inside of him. Jase was experiencing the best orgasm of his life, and he was doing whatever he could to augment the pleasure. In the heat of the moment, Mitch's pleasure didn't mean anything to him. He was using his bro's cunt like a sex toy to get off.

After he came, Jase rolled off of his brother. His sticky, cum covered cock slid out of Mitch's ass and flopped down on his abs. Mitch looked at Jase, and Jase flashed him a quick smile as he caught his breath. Jase's body was covered in sweat, and his hair was damp and messy. Veins and muscles bulged out underneath his skin from the work out. Jase looked exhausted but also completely pleased. Mitch knew that he had done that for his brother. He had made him feel that way.

Mitch stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He had his own cum all over his front and some of Jase's massive load was already running down the inside of his thigh. When he got back into the bedroom, Jase had moved to the bed. Mitch crawled in next to him, and they fell asleep.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you liked it. Charlie -

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